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  • Yup, probably a little later though. Job hunting.

    I've been getting back to working on my Eeveelution research! So far, 27 pages worth of basic info... hehe. The pictures shorten the amount of text some!
    Just double checking! For all I knew, you could have been a crazy, psyco, stalker from the abyss! ^_^

    How are ya?
    Never mind about that. Here's the first eeveelution, Soareon, the flying type eeveelution:
    Can you please give credit to me for the Trainer Card in your signature?

    This is not just part of the rules of my fan art shop, but using other person's artwork without giving credit is against the SPPF signature rules as well.

    Thank you.
    Thnx a lot for the trade. ill already finished my dex a while back so if ur in need of a certain poke ill trade for more of urs.
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