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  • alrighty poochiena your request is ready for trade :) I got your male togedemaru lightning rod 5iv -sp.attack in heavy ball ^_^
    Haha yer very welcome! I'm glad the times worked out, often living in Japan means I can never meet up with anyone. @w@ Yer welcome back anytime if you need more cloning done! c:
    Siiigh, the ever-present FP issues. I disconnected and reconnected, hopefully that helps?
    Yes! I have to hop offline for a couple minutes, but will stay online here to keep in touch.
    Ah okay, I thought you panicked and wasn't sure it was me haha. I'm sending over a spare Salandit!
    Can do! Mine is in my profile, IGN is also Road! Feel free to send a request when you spot me (though let me know who you are so I know to accept haha)~
    Hello! Sorry for the wait! Are you still good on time for cloning? You needed only two clones plus the original, yes? I can do ore if you'd like. :0
    You should do more art like that It looks awesome and you have some great talent, was mainly asking cause I wanted to ask people if anyone would make a personal Smeargle drawing
    My timezone is MT, so as of this post it's 1:51 for me, I'm available from now until about 1am my time ^.^
    Just asking, do you care about IVs on them? If so, then the offers must have the same amount of IVs. If not, then don't worry. :)
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