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  • well, hello there. i saw that you like playing Yu-gi-oh? I play yugioh, and would love to wi-fi chat duel or something sometime. Interested? if so, just let me know!
    Too bright, really? o_O I'll see if I can find a fitting colour scheme, but first I have to do my exam today :p

    And woot, two new members ^_^ Thanks!

    EDIT: I added some extra contrast to the text, but the theme is definitely better than the rest. I hope it's better now. Well, that's why there's a feedback topic :p
    I have Raptor claws with 5 (or is it 5.5?) melee stars and Speed +4. I don't need any additional speed boosts.
    My Bear claws have 5 melee stars with melee damage mods and Running Speed +4. That one might need lightweight, though.

    Even without the knockback I find it rather difficult to approach. I'll try using both Aries and Super Armor and whatever can fill the last spot. So much range lately, it's hard to get melee in.
    Well, I'm not interested in the technical details, but more like on how to approach opponents and probably some tips on landing melee dashes..
    Thanks! Just don't get into trouble, okay? ^^

    Say, in your clan, are there any training programs? I'd love to hear some pro tips on melee combat ^^
    Well, I wasn't expecting GameFaqs people to move anyway ^^ Maybe you could PM the active people from 3DS forums to help our small community?

    Should PM the users here to remind about the forum too :p
    Well, I was planning to use Shot defence +4 on my melee weapons instead of Health +6. It's cheaper than other defense mods and protects me from ranged attacks, which is the main reason to have higher defenses to begin with :)

    Say, could you spread the word about our forum on other KI:U places you visit? (Especially now that we have a decent banner instead of the default image)
    Well, with Pudgy palm Playing dead is useful, because both it's standing cont and ch shot are pretty strong.
    I beat Cragalanche with hard work and determination, lol. I just used a moderately good Needle Palm and spammed cont fire until he was dead. I simply could not reach his weak spot :/

    Also just read that Overall defence +8 doesn't stack with Super Armor. I'm throwing that and Quick Charge out of my power set now for Aries Armor. My next goal is to clear chapter 19 with my new Skyscraper club. If not for that enemy that eats others to get stronger, that chapter would be beaten a long time ago already :( Skyscraper deals a huge amount of damage even at just 4 stars and no modifiers. The only problem is that it's really slow to charge...
    Of course! I know how the power works. I just generally think it doesn't last long enough in solo. With Effect Duration +1 it already makes a big difference, my Lancer Staff can clear the board before the boss on chapter 20 within two uses of it, but otherwise it's often just not that good. I'll try it out anyway.

    EDIT: Calamaried! Went through the stage without using a single power, so I had plenty of options during the fight, woo :D That's another chapter beaten on 9.
    No I didn't, but the problem with Playing dead is it lasts way too short :( I'll see what I can do with the two uses. I hope dropping Instant death attack wont make me die to Clobber <_>
    I'm trying to beat the Kraken with that Palm, but on 9 I, for some reason, just can't beat it. I tried going closer to it, and then I beat it on 8.. I guess I'll have to take the risk on 9 too >_<
    The Pudgy palm impressed me as a very strong solo weapon :O 5.5 stars with no extra modifiers deals a considerable amount of damage to the enemies on intensity 9. Managed to beat chapter 13 on 9.0 with my newest one on first try :D
    Actually, palms generally are solid solo weapons. I don't like them in multiplayer as much, though.
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