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  • Hey, your inbox is full again.
    Still have your Amaura waiting. To be honest I'm not that interested in the Pachirisu, but I'll still honor the agreement. I'm kinda tired of messaging you to get this trade done when you had initially started these negotiations, so this will be my last message bugging you about it. If you're still interested, great! But if not, please at least be decent and let me know, though I wish I had known before I wasted all the time trying to clone it for you. I apologize for my tone, but it's not fair to act like this in trade negotiations. Either way, have a good one and I look forward to hopefully getting the trade done
    Gotcha. I was confused why you searched for it for 3 days I guess. Yeah I would do Amaura for it. What's your FC? Let me know when you can trade
    Hey, your inbox is full.
    I'm interested but I'm slightly concerned it may be hacked if it has 5IVs. That's pretty hard to do generally, that's why I asked if it was your own
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