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  • Hello,
    I am contesting a contest.
    The winner get a free website with a .co.cc domain name.
    All you have to do is register at http://www.cartoonbix.co.cc
    And start participating in forums,blogs,games etc.
    The person who has participated in the maximum no. of forums,blogs,games,picture/video uploading will win his own personalized website free of cost with a domain name.Details-http://cartoonbix.ning.com/profiles/blogs/cartoonbix-zuse-contest

    CartoonBix is a cartoon site which has games,forums,blogs.
    You can upload all your favorite pictures and videos in it.
    You can play with a virtual pet.
    Play cool video games of Avatar,DBZ,Spongebob,Kim Possible,Batman,Spiderman etc.
    You can also join groups of your favorite cartoon and add applications to your personal profile.
    There is a chatbox where you can chat with other members .
    Oh, the little bar.
    Unfortunately, that's something over which you don't have control. The image changes as you post more. It'll change automatically. I think there's something about it in the Forum FAQs.
    You seem to have edited you signature (and user title) just fine.
    Exactly what do you want to edit?
    It's fine.
    There should be a text box right underneath that. Type in what you want.
    Be sure to check the signature rules, though, since you can get infracted by not following them.
    Uhh, Mini Sig? You mean where it says "or something" on mine?
    Go to User CP, then to "Edit your Details," then type in what you want it to say under "Custom user title."
    As for the signature itself, you go to User CP, then to "Edit Signature." Just type in what you need to.
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