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  • he smoked weed o_o
    you had a coach who smoked weed?


    whoa. that's got a deep message right there, man
    The Ball Cannon is shaped after a normal ship cannon, so just Cannon Cannon would do...

    Until recently (not even last week) I had the first 3 chapters done on 9.0, now I have the first 8 chapters + chapter 25. :3

    Babies. They can not yet walk, therefore they are prestable. =)

    BTW, please accept/reject MetalSonic. They posted their application form, but nobody answered. They're a few pages back.
    Y'know, the Ball Cannon should really just be called the Cannon Cannon....

    Ummm, maybe.
    So how many chapters have you got on intensity 9.0? If you say all of them then I will cry 'cause it seems I'm the only one who hasn't.

    I'm really not sure.
    I have two different coaches . . . one is a douchebag, and the other is bearable, so both xD

    ah, pop culture. MLP has sadly become a part of it :I
    ikr? brofists should just be brofits, not brohoofs
    I have nothing against bronies or MLP fans, it's just their terms that are pretty annoying

    there was this dude wearing no shoes passing out flyers for it in front of Wal-Mart, so I took one and suddenly I was in a big glass room and then I woke up before anything else could happen o_o
    Nah, doesn't work. =PPP Wait, why do I have three tongues???
    The Eyetrack Orbitars "Stare At You" and... and... nope, I got nothin'.

    Maybe they're Skyworldian?

    Not really...

    sitting here, waiting for you to get on...

    you should still respond to the other post of mine, Im just saying that Ill be staring at your page all night
    XD Oh well, I got a printer for it, and scanner, in it, so it's awesomer. :3

    Me: Wait, wait, we should go to Jirachi in Hoenn to restore your old body, remember? Your body got crushed! D:
    yeah D:

    the brofist craze is slowly dying down, though, because of the stupid MLP brohoof -______-

    I had a dream about Windows 2.7 last night, srsly

    I like satire

    God damn it your right...

    Okay then, now we wait until I can get on the computer

    I gotna marvel heros beta invite, but I couldn't get it to work and then my grandfather deleted it.
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