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  • omg, that was like our exercise routine o_0
    except you don't have to run . . . xD


    you did not just go there, using Pokemon puns
    The Gemini Orbitars are a very "Two Faced Weapon" and they seem to have "Mood Swings!"

    Nah, I don't think they're Russian.

    I like that word.
    I did

    Okay, I guess Ill try to fit it in my plans.


    I guess, but why is it so hard to find a decent harem in the pre-post modern ara of jonmania?

    Yes, the had a fake ice glacier that was wet, it was cold.

    I made an xat, post in it and I will make you an owner, but you cant be my best friend because I'm reserving that for when savvy responds to me.
    We had to do practically a million stretches and stuff like push-ups and sit-ups
    We also had a run a mile every class D:
    I barely got to play baskbetball

    If I had my own group, and had to name it three random characters a.k.a. two letters and a number, it would be KB3 :p

    nah, Windows doesn't troll us enough to release a 2.7 . . . . OR WOULD THEY?!? *dun dun dun*
    Yeah, me too now! 8D

    Nurse: *giggles, feed it to me awkwardly xD*
    Me: Ergh..*healing* Hey, I feel better! 8D What did you gave me?
    Nurse: Waffles...out of Porygon's mouth. 0_0
    Me: WHAT!? Oh my god, oh well, I don't care, it healed me! :D
    Wait, wait, we could make a game of this. The Scorpio Staff is "Stingy", and it "Bugs me!"

    Yep, it's still here with me. It's actually quite creepy, I'm pretty sure my cold is a stalker or something. How else would it find me wherever I go?

    I'm OK.
    Also I went to the titanic exhibit that is on tour throughout amarica, and I saw things that were underwater that people had before the died of hypothermia in the water or drowned.

    I lift myself up on the stair railing when nobody looks and the push up bar at the park.

    Im not much into dragon balls, and the guy who made it died.

    What kind of test.

    My world is fine I guess, my harem forgot to make me lunch today, but the experiment at the small hadron separater, though costing countless lifes, gave us a better understanding of how women measure bra size.
    Football isn't my thing, I'd rather play basketball or volleyball or something xD
    but I hated PE, all we did was exercises -____-

    nah, KPop just has a lot of groups with names that are three random letters xD

    Windows 2.7? o_0
    I'm great, I got Wifi saturday! :D

    Nurse: Eat a waffle, teleport it out with some of your diseases, so we can feed your trainer with it because your diseases is also a cure!
    Sorry, I don't mind you calling the Electroshock Arm "Shocky" (after all, it is), I was just making a very (very) bad joke...

    Just got a cold. >:/

    How're you?
    *shrugs* something we'll never know, I guess
    I had to switch my Spanish class for Gym, though xD

    o_0 that actually reminds me of a South Korean boy band

    Windows 8 is pretty meh, yeah, but the new laptops that have it are cool~
    "mario and luigi rpg 4: dream team"

    Its made by thes guys who did SSS, PiT, and BIS, chipy is there, you enter luigis dreams at some points, with the playstyle similar to bowsers body, classic playstyle when your not in a dream, no vilian was anounced, so m&l might have some delicious hot mustard on bread, THE MUSTARD OF THEIR DOOM.
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