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  • When you come back....I would like to adopt you in the Adopt-a-Newbie Agency...I know your in Texas but if you come back can you consider my offer? Thanks. And I hope you didn't get hit hard with Ike.
    You know you should really expand your biography there, it seems simple, and btw we have the same 1st name too except that I have a secondary name. Yeah you should really start being more active, a good place to start is in the Games section, just for the heck of it have fun
    Well shipper are people who thinks/ support/ belive that two characters were meant to be/were made for each other/ are in love with each other, example, I support Drew & May, & Paul and Dawn, but in some cases you can't decide between who you like as a couple together, ex, I support Dawn and Paul, but I also support Kenny and Dawn, so basically I'm a multishipper. Ok be seein ya!
    Forums or Section? No I'm not THAT into hardcore battling but I do like to EV training, I usually rate there in the Ingame Single Rate Section, anyway you should go there, lots of people will help you make your team better and etc, including me...I own especially in RSE. I do contests, Battle Tower, EV train or restart the game but trade all of my TM's and PKMN to my Pearl. Well you can join numerous clubs, in the home page of Serebii Forums scroll down to the last section, and BOOM , there's the clubs, join anything you like but please no one liners as in: Hi I like to join, I love * insert what thing you like here*, the mods will kill you, if you want banners, mine curently is KH, Blinkies, Icons, Userbars, Inverts of Pokemon, etc, you should go to the Fan Art Shops Section, it's near the Clubs, as stated above^ in this message, if you want help in the art of pkmn battling go to Ingame Single Rates, and whether your a shipper of Contest, Ikari or even yaoi or yuri go to Shippers Community and again no one liners when you state you're joining this Ikarishipping Family or Contestshipping family, while sometimes you get bored, you can read some fics created from our own members here at the forums, and when you absolutely have nothing to do go to the Games Section, and when yu're the type to debate politics, religion etc,just go to the debate forum, now what else do you need help in what other poop [lol] dont you get in hardcore battling... oh and watch out for Serebii Announcements, they USUALLY have news that actually matter..
    AwEsOmE, So what/where/when do you want me to show you around or need any help in any part of the forums, but I usually go to Shippers Community or Ingame Single Rates in 4th Generation... just PM me back or just drop of a message at my profile ok? seeing as your Offline right now...
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