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  • awesome! just got your pm. In case you get back online I"ll be up for another couple hours at least so let me know if you get back online tonight!

    As for tomorrow if that works for you I probably won't be able to trade till maybe 9:00 or 10:00 pm central time (gmt - 5) tomorrow.
    Hey good news I got your order done a lot sooner than expected!

    it came out:

    Friend Guard
    Egg move: wish (maybe a couple others too)
    dream ball

    if everything looks correct let me know when you can trade!

    you were trading me the shiny starmie right?
    hey just letting you know I'm about to start on your request. I already have the egg move done so I just need to get the nature and IV's now.

    Also you requested ability Unaware. That is clefable's hidden ablitity but not cleffas so I was just making sure you wanted cleffa's hidden ability as well which is friend guard. I will keep breeding for HA in case that's what you want and if not i can just use an ability capsule :)
    You're going to want to strangle me, but I have returned to college, and will not be able to trade for two more weeks. I looked for you all weekend, but you never logged on. I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do about it. I do have your orders ready.

    Edit: saw your VM, we'll have to trade in two weeks.
    I should have your lot by late tonight. I am running behind with orders due to college and laziness. I have the skarm and the mienfoo, and am working on the riolu ATM. I can trade tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday afternoon. If we cannot trade by then, I will have to go back to college for two more weeks. I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do about a lack of wifi at college.

    Also, don't forget that I need a clone of the skarmory back.

    Edit: I now have the riolu as well. Let me know when you want to trade. I'll be off and on til Sunday early evening (US time)
    Gliscor would fit well for a physical wall that can hit hard (plus it can abuse your opponent's Sand); maybe Gliscor/Blissey?
    Chandelure comes to mind, as it can switch into incoming Fighting and Fire attacks aimed at the two. Gengar can also switch into Ground attacks. Gliscor can also handle Ground, Fighting, and Bug.

    You would probably want the elemental punches on Meta I'm guessing. I think Evan (saw you're friends with him too) has some from 4th gen.
    hey my bad man, i probably had you worried for a while lol, alright so the thing is i let my friend borrow my black for a week and i told him that you can take whatever you want from my boxes just as long as its not lvl 100 (forgetting the fact that your pokes were included) and when he gave the game back to me, i couldnt find your munchlax so i need to get that back from him, but the others are good to go
    Pretty sure what you did fits the definition of harassment since I already spelled out a few times what I was looking for and was getting tired of saying the same thing to you. I could go on and on but obviously we will never see eye-to-eye about this. I won't ban you from my shop but really, your reaction was uncalled for.
    Weird how you're this persistent about it yet you say that. I was very clear about what I was looking for yet you kept going. I've given you 8 RNG requests plus another item you talked me into and if you want to blow me off like that for being annoyed with your harassment, then that's great for you.
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