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  • I know you really appreciate my work but frankly this is getting annoying. I feel like I've been more than fair to you. If something new comes up I will put it on my list.
    I can and I can't. I can do the ones I haven't caught yet which is Landorus and Kyurem. I actually traded for the stat spreads I wanted for them instead of bothering to catch them :p
    Well I'm still stuck on what to do for you since I can apparently do half the OU tier :p If you still want a HP fighting Eevee I've got all the stuff ready for it since evan wanted one. I'd be really great if you had a list of the 5 you want most or something.
    I negotiated two requests at the same time and we agreed on trades so I just let them both have spots. I wouldn't expect it to happen very often.
    I have it all in various messages. Note that yours will be ut, since you said you would ev train them. Also, I'll send you a mienfoo, as I have no rare candies to level it up.
    Isn't that ironic.... I have that EXACT skarmory, ut and impish. I am 99% sure I can trade it to you, but I will want the original back. Actually, my original is likely a clone anyway, so as long as I get one back, in good.
    Usually. What forry has over thorn is a higher defense, rapid spin, and toxic spikes. Logic tells me physical is superior over special.
    That is entirely up to you. Forry generally runs support, such as rocks, rapid spin, and spikes or toxic spikes, plus an attacking move or two. Thus it is natured to wall physical, special, or both. The stats suggest a physical wall, but it's plethora of resistances plus a few EVs can bolster the other side. How you do it depends on your team and preferences.
    Did you have any in mind? The only ones I can think of that I haven't mentioned that I could get would be a dusclops or a forretress(sp. Def EVs)
    Hippowdon makes a good physical wall, and blissey is the obvious special wall. As for others, skarmory works, but the required moves are beyond me. Sigilyph works in lower tiers, and can pass in ou w/ proper support. Registeel is uu, but I do not have a flawless one. I've heard jellicent makes a good special wall, but I've never used one. I'm likely forgetting others. I guess shuckle if you lose a bet or something.
    I must apologize, but I assumed that outrage was an egg move, and it is not. As I cannot rng in 4th gen, I cannot do the bagon with those requirements. Is the careful timburr ok?
    Draco Meteor would be easier over outrage. What about riolu, timburr, (brave, shiny, 31/31/31/x/31/0 w/ drain punch and mach punch), and a bagon of your specifications for gyarados, ferrothorn, and the rotom?
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