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  • Timburr would be the easiest, although I can do all three. What OU/UU stuff have you ev trained, flawless or not, that you could clone/trade?
    part 2:

    Mamoswine: This guy puts foot to rear better than most. All it needs is EQ, stone edge, icicle crash, and ice shard. Max attack and speed and you're good to go. 130 attack rips holes in almost anything, and stab ice shard tells most dragons to go to he!!. Item is variable, but w/out hazards, a focus sash can do well.

    Mienshao: Know little about this guy. It has good offences and speed, as well as making a decent lead.

    Solosis/evo: Bulky and slow. Does well under trick room, and can recover instantly. Commonly used as a bulky calm minder. I have a flawless one I need to train, but haven't done so.

    Timburr/Conkeldurr: I can get it with the two egg moves. From here, moveset is obvious. Would also do well under trick room. I guess you could use hammer arm for more power(does it get that), but the loss of recovery likely outweighs the added power. 0 spd and brave, I guess.

    Bagon/Salamence: offensive juggernaut; can go physical, special, or mixed. Considering most assume mixed or a DD set, I might try a special sweeper to catch the opponent off guard, with something like draco meteor, dragon pulse, hydro pump, and fire blast. Perhaps swap dragon pulse w/ outrage so you can give blissey a few beatings.

    Eh, the above is somewhat half-baked, but you get the idea. Sorta...
    Eh, let me think:

    First off, I am NOT a competitive player. I know all about EVs, IVs, and all that stuff, and reading Smogon analyses for several years has given me an idea of various strategies for individual pokemon or entire teams. I ev train and all of that stuff, but only to play against friends, smash the CPU, or, very rarely, over wi-fi. Also, I will use "outclassed" pokemon over their "superiors" if I like said pokemon better. Overall, I would much rather have fun than win, although I do like winning, so you might not like any strategy I have for the above reasons, as I have little to no expierence in competitive battling. Most of what I have to say is somewhat common sence, but I'll give it a try.

    Bronzong: Obviously defensive, but can somewhat hit back. Most sets involve gyro ball, stealth rock, and similiar moves. There are dozens of sets this thing can run, and it happens to be one of my favorites. If you are looking for an oddball, here is one I used to use on Battle Revolution, to make use of a shiny bronzong I got off the gts:

    nature: quiet/sassy/relaxed. EVs: various, although maxing HP is likely a good start. Moves: Trick room, calm mind, psychic, flash cannon. Item: leftovers Ability: Heatproof

    I used this in double battles alongside a spiritomb, which would use nasty plot when bronzong used trick room. Most players never saw it coming, expecting the duo to use a "common" moveset. Bronzong then calm minds a few times and starts hitting back. Suprisingly, I rarely got taunted. Also, everyone assumes a bronzong uses levitate, and most players won't risk using EQ to find out for sure. Going against the norm is often a good bet, at least for me.

    Gengar: Special sweeper. Give it a choice item or a life orb and let it go. Hidden power is optional, and other moves, such as substitute, for when you think you can force a switch. You can try trolling with a focus sash and destiny bond, but weather and rocks will damper this.
    What set would you want for each one? Also, I normally trade UT hatchlings, but I can train them if you so desire.

    Shroomish/breloom (non DW)
    Drilbur/excadrill (Smogon does not control Nintendo servers, and I disagree w/ the ban)
    Swinub/ mamoswine (OU in my book)
    Rotom w/out pain split

    I also have an EV'd volcarona, terrakion, and non shiny virizion, but I will want the original back after cloning.
    Sorry I didn't respond sooner. College midterms have me extremely busy atm. Off the top of my head, I can hatch these in 10 min. They are flawless in important stats, aka adamant pokemon have X in sp attack and so forth:

    Tepig, adamant, shiny, with superpower and curse
    Oshawott, adamant, shiny, with night slash
    Turtwig, adamant, with superpower and seed bomb, shiny
    Omanyte, shiny with HP grass, modest or timid
    Yamask, quiet, shiny with HP fighting and nasty plot, 2 Spd IV
    Elgyem, same as yamask
    Snivy, timid or modest, w/ HP ice or fire, shiny
    Rogganrola, brave, shiny, 0 Spd IV
    Onix, sassy, 0spd IV, with stealth rock and rock blast, shiny
    Volcarona, timid, shiny with HP rock, ev trained (will want original back after you clone it)

    if you want something else, I can likely do it if it is not DW, a legend, 4th gen, or requiring 4th gen tutor moves.
    Anything else I can get you? Also, since it will be running timid, do you care about the attack IV? Do you have a preference in gender or desire a nickname?
    Don't really care. What set do the ferrothorn and gyarados have? Also, I'm assuming you can get them cloned, as I don't want to take your only ones. Otherwise, I'll get them cloned and give you the original(s) back.
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