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  • Hello, fellow pokémon fan, how are you? Saw your post in the SwSh anime thread. Impressed to find another fan of Beyblade G-Revolution. I agree it was the best season
    Hey, doing pretty well. Yourself? Yeah, I haven't seen many others who are fans of G-Revolution but to me it was the best considering what came after. My only issue with it though was how Ray was handled at times, especially with his attitude towards Tyson at times.
    Doing well, thank you!
    Back in the day, I had a problem with everyone's attitude towards Tyson but I can't deny that his arc of just having to deal with it and being put in a position where he had to rely on Daichi - a character I personally like a lot - made the story a lot more interesting.
    My only complaint is with the second arc. While it was good in the sense of subverting expectations, like Daichi losing to MingMing and Kai's whole rivalry with the red-headed dude whose name I forgot, it still didn't feel as strong as the world championship arc.
    Hi :D I read one of your interests is camping. I've never been camping but the idea of it always fasanated me. Likely cuz i've always really liked nature (its one of my favorite things about walking my dog too). I'd like to hear some of your camping expiriences, too :3
    *repost of a PM because I can't tell if it went through or not*

    Hey, I saw in the Amour thread you're looking for fanfics. I was going to make a post there but it's shut down for the moment. I'm planning a rather ambitious fanfic undertaking myself. I'm feeling very iffy about the Gen 7 anime, I'll give it a chance but whether or not it's good I'm planning my own fanfic take on Alola, adapting the game story as a direct followup to XYZ with a lot of DP tie-ins as well (maybe some stuff from the other series too). This will involve Serena4Alola (via "pulling a Brock") and Amourshipping.

    I've already got a Clemont side story planned that involves Dr. Belmondo escaping jail and causing havoc with robots - think Mega Man. That'll lead to Clemont4Alola, probably involving the Aether Foundation somehow.

    Should Serena take up Yashio's lessons I have a side story planned for her too, involving lots of angsting and realizing their styles don't mesh. Dawn is involved and Serena takes an interest in Contests. (I still hope she doesn't take up Yashio's offer - after the Flare arc I like the idea of Serena traveling with Manon tbh - but from a fanfic perspective it would make it easy, the conflict practically writes itself.)

    Obviously the real writing will have to wait until the game is out so I can figure out how to work my ideas in with the main game plot, but stay tuned. I'll post my writings on ff.net and might start a blog for them too. I can send you my preliminary notes if you'd like to see them.
    I have a strange idea in my head. Can you make a pic of Alain holding a signboard saying "In dire need of redemption."
    I really like your sigs. Can you give me a link to all of them? I mean you had a sawyer sig. But well......you changed it now.
    Yeah, I get. I should have gotten on board with the majority and not end up as the main minority of the argument. Everyone did made valid points.
    Hey, look I'm really sorry about before. Sorry that I annoyed you with my posts. After looking back and thinking carefully about what others said, I realized that I was going about this the wrong way and I decided that I shouldn't stop supporting Ash because of previous experiences. You and the others made excellent points and I was too foolish to see it. I guess I was afraid of future disappointment. Anyway, sorry again about what happened.
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