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  • Hey Prahkar, I'll be up early on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so we can do some battles! I'd also like to give your normal gym a go as well one of those days o/
    Hey Prakhar, I know our times haven't matched up, but I'll be up early tomorrow (no work!), so we can trade. I have your Totadile from the raffle still waiting for ya o/
    thanks but that isn't it yet :p I am redoing the userbars they are in progress which I plan on just making them without the names so they will not have to be edited so much.
    hey prakhar just letting you know please check out the league for new rules and artwork for the tef league. I have did a whole new remodel which if you like to still be our normal gym please post to keep your spot please and thanks or you will vacate your spot.
    Yep I know your wifi can be... tricky ;) YOu should already have my FC from last time, although not sure if you had to delete it due to that riddiculous 100 peeps limit. Cya soon.
    Can I challenge your TEF gym now please? It is still OU single right? Some leaders have shifted format/tier in their gyms.
    I'm -7 GMT currently. The next 20 hours or so are pretty busy for me.
    After that, I should be free at any point but it's just become summer break so anything could pop up at any time.
    Hi, just checking in again for the eeveelution tourney. When works best for you?
    I see that we have a 13 hour time difference, so I'll try and be a little more flexible with my times. Lmk when you're free to battle, thanks!
    Hey Prahkar o/

    So I won your Terrakion in the last raffle and you won an unevolved mon as well! I just overrode the process of you needing to purchase a mon to donate Victini and Terrakion at different times. (Too much of a process for now). So, you have 253 LP to work with. Congrats, you rode to the top of the list of LP!

    So lemme know which mon you want from the raffle and when's a good time to trade for the Terrakion o/
    I've yet to make a team since I didn't expect to be matched vs another vaporeon given the odds. I'll be sure to have one built for tomorrow at any time around now if that works witchu.
    Any day of the week bar maybe friday should be cool for me too. [:
    hey prakhar eeveelution tournament has started please contact your opponent to schedule a battle time.
    Cool! I'll update the spread by tomorrow. You'll need to purchase either 1 legend or 2 non-legends. Then you'll be able to donate Terrakion.
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