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  • duuuuuuude. I am sooooooooooo soory. I JUST got back onto the forum.....PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! A THOUSAND PARDONS I BEG OF YOU!!!! In fact....I am breeding 5th gen straters. Take your pick and It will be yours. I got my wifi service up now :D so we can battle or trade, your pick :) peaces bro.
    Bromance, gotcha ;)

    And, I'm fine with whichever clan you choose to join. My advice would be not to leave CG unless it doesn't feel right. Don't leave a clan because you think another one may be better, leave only if the one you're in doesn't feel right. If you end up going to the new clan and it doesn't work out, returning to the old clan may be difficult or awkward. Or maybe just a lot has changed. So think about it :)

    And it's good to talk to you again too :D XD
    1. Correct, although I'm not so sure about all the veterans.
    2. Nope :(
    3. Yeah, which is a shame. But knowing him, he's probably off saving the world, so we shouldn't complain...
    4. It's probably the fierce rivalry which, unfortunately, will inevitably erupt...
    5. You're you?
    6. The 'LOL JK' hurt me.
    7. Good thanks, you? :)
    i dont know who drako is so yes i think
    also, some of the questions you asked psycho i can answer
    yes some veternians will be there
    people dont want you to leave because your good, happened before alex ask jonah to leave but asked blues to stay
    ah sorry for not responding. if you already went and battled great but if you haven't then try setting up a time with your opp. we only have a few more days
    It looks like Johto will be using Vand and Zach. Just to let you know. I also told Ninja that you'd want to do OU or UU. I"ll probably do Uber ;)
    it looks like Ninja wants each of our battles to be a specific tier since he and Jazz want an RU battle. I'm thinking i can take OU or Uber but I'd like to know if you're interested in that format and if you have a specific tier you want to battle in. as far as i know Jazz and Ninja might fight each other however I don't know who the other two fighters will be
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