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  • Sorry it took so long, school is kicking my face in. I'm going to start playing Pokemon again for a while though. Thanksgiving Break w00t w00t!
    No im not scolding or anything but i just want u guys to know we dint mean to copy. To start with we dint even know u guys were using that idea which i only found out today.
    Dude to start with i dint even know ur using the regions as division so we dint rip it you guys dint also have the copyright for creating the name. Also i diny even look at your clan before me and my leaders get the idea so u cant say its copied. And if ur so mad how about settling this through clan war.
    it actually tastes better then using Tomato sauce imo but yea next time. Hopefully Psycho will be nice and have you back in Unova with us. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNOVAAAAAAAAAAA ;)
    Dude don't do that again! I mean I'm uber happy your back bro but you gave me a heart attack! I thought we lost you T.T but now I'm happy cause your back XD
    you don't say. well i feel ya sometimes it can be a drag when things don't go your way. Hopefully you'll say hi every now and then and maybe a battle or three ;)
    Hey. Your departure from the clan has left a gaping hole... I'd say you were almost as important to the clan as myself, perhaps even as important. I still think your reason for leaving was silly, but I respect your desicion. Have fun at GVV, it's a good clan :D

    Best of luck my friend :D
    Comic relief huh. I wonder about that. I have to ask, have you ever considered reading a **** load of articles? Analyses? Battle stats? Granted if you have to leave i won't stop you but there's nothing really stopping you from improving you know. Everyone has that capacity ;)
    heh it happens. My guy said he's only played for a month but I doubt it. Anyways its better to prepare for next time ;)
    Hey congrats on getting in as a gym leader, looks like we're going to be fellow gym leaders and war teamers. Oh and I heard you lost yours. I lost mine too. kinda sux but it happens ;)
    Hey prankstar, nice job on getting into the leauge :D I'll just need a badge of you now. Head to NL's thread to get one. Also, I reccomend you get a trainer vs trainer mugshot from the T3 shop!
    It was a Shinx.

    Nature: Brave
    Ability: Rivalry
    Ice Fang

    Not bad if I should say so. I was a bit disappointed but it has potential and it would be interesting to use in Wi-Fi battle. Know any good movesets I should try ;)
    Hey once again congratulations for the 1st place victory. I know it was a battle neither one of us was happy with but I think we can still battle other times. Who knows, this next battle can have more meaning since we'll have higher expectations of it. Natuarally I'll be prepping for it. Once again congratulations ;)
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