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  • I don't have any chapterfics up here yet (though there's one I've been developing a good while I hope to have up in the near future); I've been doing a ton of oneshots and a few drabbles, though, all set in the same shared fanon universe (which the chapterfic will be set in when it finally happens.)
    Good to hear!

    Um, I should probably introduce myself. Umbramatic, first joined this forum for fic reviews and more casual discussion in 2007, left about 2009, and gradually started getting more active again around 2013 to the point I'm semi-regularly posting fic now.
    Ah, nah, I forgive you, I was already anxious and still kinda was from something else and that got me a bit over-paranoid. (That and yeah, the use of a smiley with a "^" nose threw me off a bit since I associate it with sarcasm in seedier web communities I wandered into more often than I should until relatively recently.)

    But from talking to her Negrek doesn't seem too fussy about people fielding extra questions, so we can probably keep going as-is.
    Oh my goodness that was fast! I'm seriously honored. Gosh. Um, we've actually spoken before on Pokecommunity, years ago -- I am like the world's biggest fan of Aftershock, and you were nice enough to review a shitty fic of mine that never got past three chapters or so. Anyway! Speaking of Aftershock (and I apologize if you don't want to be reminded -- I know your newer stuff is proportionately way better, but --) I think the whole concept of assimilation heightening would be a perfect fit for Orre, for the tone I'm going for, and for the characters I plan on introducing. In fact, it's one of the things I'm more excited about when it comes to writing my silly story -- it is just that wonderful an idea! So I hope you don't mind me borrowing it, and I hope my mediocre writing can do it justice.

    (Assuming I get that far. I am only a few pages into chapter two at the moment. Fingers crossed and all that. I at least plan to continue.)

    I'll admit, I've often wondered about you over the years. Where has your life taken you? I hope it's been nothing but good.
    Heh, I took a look at those for a while. It's certainly unique - and I'm all for experimental work - but I don't have the time to read a whole story right now. XD Someday I shall go back and read one fully...!
    It sounded almost a little too simple until you started talking about poetry/fiction and some different ways to read those. It does sound really fascinating, actually. Do you have a particular piece of poetry/fiction you'd recommend reading on there?
    Yes, the letter is from Markus. What I have written now is more of a reaction to her being insistent, which, as you said, she hasn't been, so I'll definitely have to work with it. I just got a vague idea while I was reading your message and trying to respond, so thanks! XD A false calm... Hmm...
    Hey! I have a question about FitD if you think you might have a quick moment to help me out? In short, the next letter depends entirely on the concept of 'Haley is trying to fix all of Markus's problems'. I'm not sure if that's a concept I've portrayed well enough in previous letters (in the revised version, anyway), though, to justify making this next letter focused on it. I personally think Haley's been reaching toward that goal without realizing, but she's not become desperate to the point where she's putting all her effort into that goal. Um... let me know what you think, if you get a chance?!
    XD I will get around to it though, eventually! Ah, eventually, my favorite word.

    I never thought of it that way but that makes a lot of sense! There's something rewarding about having the whole process of writing something down in one go. And I've read some of the poems you posted here before and they're really great! Never really got the hang of writing poetry and I find it much harder to read than fiction, but I do appreciate it.

    That's why I enjoy writing them, honestly. Feels good to talk without actually physically talking. Haha.
    Hey, I know I didn't respond on the thread, but I just wanted to thank you so much for your review of Drowning! Writing is something I've been struggling with for the past few months (mainly because of school), but after I read your review I was able to write four pages right off the bat and the next chapter should soon be ready for posting. I just want to thank you for giving me inspiration to write again and I hope you have had a great day :D
    XD I guess it'll make more sense if what I put on my list is The Progression. It's on there already, but I have to apologize that it's gonna be there for a pretty long while. >_>

    Yeah, I suppose if I ever went back to writing a long fic I'd also take that approach. Recently, though, since most of my writing is focused on one-shots or fragmented chapters, it's all just been thinking of the scene in my head and writing down rough paragraphs in my notebook (or on my phone when I'm commuting).

    It's a bit easy to write for my current project in a short time since some conversations only take like ten minutes to write. Much simpler than a full-fledged chapter, I'm pretty sure. They're a bit more lax in the office here since not a lot of websites are banned (since most social media websites are used for research by many of the magazines), but I have too much work to take advantage of that often. XD
    Just saw your visitor message, so sorry for the belated reply. I've been incredibly busy, so there isn't time for anything other than school and work. School's over for the time being, though, and I've had fanfic ideas floating around for a long time so we'll see!

    And I think it's hilarious that you remember me from that long ago. I've tried to forget all the things I did on this site when I was younger lol.
    I work Thursdays so I'll get it tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me! BTW do you have Skype? I'm blackjackgabbiani on there and I'd love to have you go over the most recent chapter.
    Haha, that's insane. Outlines are really convenient, but now I think that if I exert energy to create an outline, I won't have energy to actually write the story >_>. The most I can remember that's kinda like that is that I had a bulletpoint outline of every event that was gonna happen in a potential sequel to Stars. But yeah, there's a lot of things impeding us from approaching writing that way, but I guess it's just how the craft evolved for us. (And wow, Aftershock! Shame I never got to reading that. I'd say I'll read it soon, but I've said that to a lot of fics already...)

    Right now, though, I do find time to write here at work since I always have my writing notebook with me. Lunch break is writing break for me. Haha.
    Aw damn, I also experienced being able to write whenever and wherever before! It felt great, and now I wonder how I even found the motivation to feel that way XD It's really odd, writing.

    I guess it's the repetitiveness of the tasks that got to me. Catching insects and fishing can only get you so far, and Tortimer Island has its limits. Very nice game, though.

    The music in the new one is amazing! If you don't mind being spoiled, they're already in Youtube so take a listen if you get the chance. I hope you like it if/when you get it!
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