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  • I need to clear up something.


    How do you pronounce Luphinid Silnaek? =P

    And throw in how you pronounce "Pyroken Serafoculus", too. =))

    OH WAIT.

    Hi. =P
    I think so.

    And I will. Even if I don't know someone that well, it doesn't matter all that much, I wouldn't think.

    About friends...I think it's good to have friends, to share ideas with, to share each other's company. But what you say does make some sense, although I greatly enjoy my alone time, company is also nice sometimes as well. It's a matter of taste, I suppose.
    Heh, yeah. I know what you mean. I'm not going to turn anyone down anyway.

    And you really shouldn't have any friends. They're bad for you, you know? XD
    Yeah it is. XD

    And I just got your PM. I'll go check it out here in a bit, then. Wonder what you've cooked up for us now? Heh.

    :) Yeah, I know. And getting close to thirty friends. Just about anyone I've ever reviewed has been asking to be friends. Plus a lot of people from games, as well. As well as a couple people I've talked with once and stuff, and didn't even really remember them. XD And actually, she hasn't been on all that much in the past few days, I don't think...
    Finally I understood what you were talking about. X_X Yeah...

    How's the new chapter of Aftershock coming, BTW?
    Your message officially made my life worth living. I laughed my face off.

    Thanks you muchly for honoring me with the friendship and comment. =)
    ...I'm beginning to think that wasn't a tinymushroom that went bouncing down the stairs but rather my brain. @_@
    Hello, Luphind! I've went through a lot of thinking during this year, and I think I've finally purged out of that weird, prose place I was in III. I can't thank you enough for the wake up call! IV is almost ready--a few more days and I should be able to send it off to you. :)
    Thanks for clearing up my stupidity about proper replying methods ^^'

    Do you collect antique books, or just like to read them? I'm a book collector and I love paging through dusty tomes, so I've amassed quite a few over the years :)
    Unfortunately, the experiment didn't yield any information whatsoever regarding the ways that a tinymushroom may bounce down the stairs. :( Next time, actually throw the danged thing! XD
    *stupidly chases after the tinymushroom that was just "thrown", sure that it went bouncing down the stairs*
    About time I get your page less empty looking. XD

    BTW, nice job with the Writer's Group. You didn't waste time, did you? :D
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