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  • XD It's nice to hear that it isn't just our government organizations that are slow, I guess?

    I'm sort-of the same, since it's the easiest task at hand that I can put off, whether it's because of work or my 3DS beckoning to me. A lot of times I go to a coffee shop just so I can be in a space where I'm forced to sit down and write. And true enough, the last one-shot I posted here was entirely written in that scenario. Haha.

    Oh, haha, it was just released in the US a few weeks ago, and in Japan in September. It's a really great game, though I'm coming from someone who has played the rest of the Mystery Dungeon games. And haha, I guess it's just that kind of game where you really need to be into it to enjoy it. I liked the collecting aspect but that got old really quickly when I found out that some collectibles were season-dependent. And yeah, that would be great if I could play as my Villager on Smash. Would make it much more personal imo.
    Hey there! I really want to appreciate your review some more. It's so sweet of you to do so!

    Have you seen the TV Tropes page for Obsession? It's in my signature. Feel free to add to it if you feel you must!
    That's awesome! How has it been these past few months? And good luck with that final report! I'm sure you'll nail it.

    XD it's more of an issue of time management, really. Like, I know I have a lot of things to write, and I want to write them, but finding the time and motivation to do so (and finding them together instead of separately) is easier said than done.

    XD That's true! And said game is a Pokemon game (Super Mystery Dungeon, to be exact) so it can be an excuse for...research? Haha. I do have New Leaf, and while I loved playing it, it's unfortunately not my kind of game. I played it every day for a couple of months but I fell out of it pretty easily. But I did appreciate the characters a lot, so much so that I bought some of their amiibo and that I ended up maining Villager in Super Smash Bros.
    Hi there! It's been all right. Work is hectic as usual, and I've been getting less time to write (partly because of work and partly because of games. Ok, mostly because of games, but shh), but the main writing project is still going strong!

    How about you? How was that internship you told me about?
    Ah, that's cool. Will it be far away from where you stay? And haha, I will get to reading it though. I have too many fics on my to-read list, and I can only read so much while I'm at work. XD
    XD That's good to hear! Where will you be going for the internship? And that's great! I'm sure you'll accomplish a lot with those two months. And yeah, I bet they would. I should really get to reading your fic soon, but I'm struggling to find time to read nowadays.
    XD same with me. I was on and off last year, and I only became relatively more active again because of ORAS and the fic. XD

    I'm doing good! I've graduated ever since we last talked, and now I'm working for a magazine! I'm still writing fics here and there, though they're mostly one-shots (and fragmented chapters like Humans of Hoenn). I...still like Mudkip? :))

    How about you? How's the engineering going?
    Well, that and they'd probably add another hour to the amount of time you spend reading my stuff. XD Especially with my writing/headcanon sideblog.

    Also, thank you! Also, yes, exactly. It always makes me sigh whenever you hear professional writers or professionals in the publishing industry crap on fanfic—or self-publishing, for that matter. Fic writers and self-published writers are the people jumping on the new outlets for publishing because things like online publishing services and writing communities make it easier to get work out. As a result, they're helping to maintain the demand for new electronic methods, and because of that, they're also the ones who are helping to drive forward the evolution of writing, which really isn't such a bad thing because you can't have an industry that's stagnant these days. Stagnancy is what perpetuates the idea that print is dead, y'know? Because there are people out there—a lot of them—who want to buy mobile-compatible literature or interactive media or things, in general, that make life easier for them, so!

    Aaaand I'm half-distracted, but point is, I always find it silly to look down at fanfiction authors and whatnot because, y'know, they know what they're doing too. And they're doing a lot of new and interesting stuff, both in terms of writing and publishing. Even if they're not always aware of the latter.
    Omfg, you went on my personal and tried to read through all those archive pages?

    H-here, man. You deserve all the cookies.
    Ahaha you can skip your replies then. Or whatever. Some heavy stuff shows up (also there's a guy who I realize comes off exactly like Petrel but he isn't I swear).
    Gold is amazing, easily one of my favs. It really got me into Pokemon because of the puzzle solving and gym designs and stuff. I played Ruby soon after and I really liked the storyline and the overall region-y stuff. Ruby changed Pokemon forever in terms of plot and gameplay - it was where the mechanics really got refined and when the plot began to revolve around the legends and stuff. Think about it - without Ruby, we'd never have abilities and things. Ruby is awesome, but still not as good as Gold.

    Yeah ... I'd love to continue it, but sadly finding time to write is really hard. Chapter 8 has been half-done with no progress since June, so, yeah :/ it was mainly borne out of a burning desire to see a Hoenn remake, and I'm really hoping to see one this gen.

    I live in Bangalore, but I'm also from Chennai on my mom's side. Never been to Rajasthan, though.
    It's cool to meet a fellow writer from India :D

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