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    Zenotwapal: why are you mean to a middle school student.
    is there some joke im not getting

    EDIT: oh **** wait you are talking about my sig lol
    im not being mean to him its just a decently humorous quote
    We don't have counselors in secondary school, with the idea being that if you need help then the school expects you to ask for it. The issue here is that not many people are aware that they need help with school life and so therefore never get any issued like course choices and deadlines resolved. In my case, Creative Writing appears to be the best option in terms of course, but it's applying for a university which will provide a good standard of support as well as being achievable in terms of entry requirements which is difficult. It's very tricky to find that balance of not aiming too high or too low while at the same time finding an appealing place to study for three years.
    XD it's okay. It's not that memorable. Hahaha.

    Oh, no prob XD I'll get to reading your fic sometime! And no, that would actually get the message across better. Hahaha.
    It isn't actually such a great system, a lot of issues arise as a result of lack of enforcement in significant areas like grade monitoring and coursework deadlines. It means that it's all down to how much resolve you have to actually do the work yourself which is bad news for me, as I'm a very lazy person in actuality. It's especially bad news because university application deadlines are fast approaching and unless I get a move on then Creative Writing is just going to be yet another distant dream.
    =)) That's pretty spot on, except I thought they were at the very least upper-middle class. I liked the whole having-to-find-out-what-happened feel of it, though, and that's what I focused on when I analyzed it.

    I'd rather see the unicode character, since the emoticon is sort-of like using a sprite to reference a Pokemon instead of just saying the Pokemon's name itself. The unicode is using an actual picture? XD
    We don't have mid-semester exams in Britain, our system seems to be more focused on making sure that we're dressed appropriately for lessons and that we have folder dividers rather than encouraging educational achievement. How did it go, anyway?
    I've heard about him, but I haven't read any of his works yet. But I've encountered a lot of stories and novels that use a lot of mathematical and scientific concepts in their narratives, which I guess comes from the writers who didn't take up writing courses.

    There are a lot of Philippine literature in English [which is what I'm somewhat focusing on since I'm taking an english writing course, haha] and Ilustrado's only one of them. It's an okay novel for me, though I did use it for my thesis essay XD And yes, poetry is really the hardest of all the genres. In my writing org there are really few poets and there's a consensus that they're the best writers out of all of us. Haha.
    You can always use the logic that you need in Eng'g to stimulate you into writing. Or you can use writing as a de-stressor from all the craziness that is eng'g. XD

    I took a lot of literature courses, which were mainly American, British, and local literature [literature from my country]. I also had some theory courses which were really difficult but I managed them. The rest are workshop classes for three different genres. I took fiction, nonfiction, and children's + young adult writing. I meant to avoid poetry because I think it's really hard. XD

    Four hours?! Holy crap you got it easy! [Then again, I average four-and-a-half hours of class a day myself, but you're in eng'g okay]. I have a friend who's in Mech Eng'g and he really has it hard, so I get what you're saying. XD Glad you're doing all right though!
    Yep, that's always the dilemma. You enjoy college because it's your passion, but you're screwed after you get that diploma unless you're really lucky [which I'm not. hahaha] There's always extra-curriculars! I'm also part of a writing org, and we get a lot of people taking non-arts majors like Bio, Econ, and Psych, so they have a solid degree while still feeding their writing hunger. :D As for what I wanna do, I'm not that sure yet. I'm thinking of working for a magazine since that was the nature of my internship last summer, and I've also thought of teaching English in my old high school. I'm pretty sure when I get the diploma I'll be desperate for anything though. XD

    How about you? How's Civil Eng'g? If it's anything like what the Eng'g majors go through here I bet it's pretty hard. D:
    Sounds cool! Whole other dimension from writing, but hey, if you're good at both then good for you! :D It's a whole arts degree, yeah. I'm one of the crazy ones who thought that was a good idea three and a half years ago. Haha.
    Haha, at least you aren't too busy. What year are you in? I'm taking up a writing course, and am in my final year where I have to write a full novella for my undergrad thesis. Fun times and all. XD
    Whoa, long time no see! How are you?

    Haven't been posting much because I've been busy writing in real life because of college XD I did post a one-shot a few months ago, and I have another one-shot in the wings, though I couldn't finish it because I have a lot to do. I wanna post it by the end of the year, though. :)
    You're welcome. =p

    That is a good observation, especially as the sea appears to be brighter as well. Or maybe the game battery died for their version in RSE and so time based events got screwed over with.
    Yay, more retellings! Soon all the games will be told with more pastries, and that is delicious. Also, this was linked to me recently and is very relevant.

    And yes, I remember that fic (and was one of the examples I actually thought of at the time of a fic having a musician, haha). Pity that never saw the end. =(
    First, you become one with the trumpets. Listen to all the trumpets. All of them.

    Off the top of my head, a character trying to play them/imitate them at various points is a way. Or even a Pokemon doing it, hmm. And now it occurs to me that it's not often one has a musician in a Pokemon fic.
    Hey there! Long time no see! Good to see you again. :D You were one of the awesome people on PC, right? Or if not, hey, I distinctly remember you being awesome either way.
    The latter is not surprising, really.

    Bizarre precision? Does your fic have weird sounding trumpets dominate throughout then? =p

    I have been doing karate since I was six, so it has already been closer to decades than just the one!

    Ah well, at least with fics you can always read them at your leisure, I suppose. And yes, that is the contest I am referring to. It seems it could use more entrants and I had a silly idea that might as well be entertained for the fun of it.
    Pokemon tends to do that to people. =p Buy all the consoles!

    Horrifically Japanese education procedure? Oh dear. (On the Japanese note, I was in Japan earlier this year for a holiday with friends! No nuclear physics was involved.)

    And neat at having a fic planned! What is it about?

    Let's see... well, I finished high school and am into honours with Physics (got my bacholars in science adv. with majors in that and computational science), but nothing much in the job front. I do teach karate part time and also tutor 1st year physics students though.

    As with hobbies, I'm still practising karate as well, I finished my parody fic last year (and won more awards!), and have my own fic projects (a fic for that contest might get scrambled together within a week, another longer one is on its way to completion and posting, and various ideas for others still exist). And I also run a pokemon webzine for fun, which I write some articles for as well. And a bunch of other stuff like an Let's Play and being promoted in modding everywhere, it seems. :V
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