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  • Hi hi there!

    I'm doing fine, enjoying my summer vacation to the fullest ;) Although I am trying to find a job to get some money! So far no luck, even though I've been to a few job interviews :S

    How about you, how you been doing?
    What career would that be? :0 Travelling agency or something? :) And yeah, Japan would be awesome to visit! It's so different from the rest of the world :D
    As for me, I'd like to visit Australia because they speak English and are still different enough to be interesting! ^^ Well, I'd like to visit all countries but that's at the top of my list. Next is, obviously, the US!
    You just might, you never know! :D I'd want to go around the world too, although I know it's very expensive and unlikely to happen xS

    So in which places would ya like to visit? :)
    Who did you fight with?? And gosh, it takes some amount of power to break an oven! xD
    My week's been kinda busy :S I've been preparing for the trip to London! I'm going there on Monday w/ my friend which is gonna be so awesome! You ever been to London? :D
    Holy crap, I'm so jealous of you! You'll get to see all the casinos and I bet there are nice night clubs and stuff too, awwwwww maaaaan xS That will definitely be fun for you!
    And thanks, I hope so too! Although my friends are having problems w/ the prices, they say it's too pricey and they dun wanna go -_- I dun care, I'll go alone or smth then! HMPH!
    It's been good! We're going to London so I'm going to my friends' place to finalize the plan and reserve the tickets and all :D

    How about you? :)
    Yeah, let's hope so! I heard there's a huuge heat wave goin' on in the US, has it hit you guys? Hopefully you'll get to enjoy it! :D
    Awesome! It's been so hot which gives us the perfect opportunity to go on the beach or biking <3 That's what I've been doing too :D

    How about you, hor're you enjoying your summer? :)
    Hey , i think i shall shut down Destiny Squad.....
    There is no member that are interested in tis clan at all.....
    We wasted so much time making the clan ready.....
    So should i or should i not close the clan?
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