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  • Let's just forgive and forget this. We were both stupid to even have dated, and it was more built on hormones than anything xD I don't even really find you attractive so I guess I just dated you because you made me feel good but anyway, cheers to your life and I hope you're okay and good luck =3
    And I don't care what words you call me, because I know that isn't true.
    You made realise how much we didn't work and how clingly and upset you made me.

    Thank You.

    You made me grow up and realise that it was all childish and stupid.

    So, if I ever speak to you or ever see you again, I'm not going to be childish and call you a rude name, I'm going to be happy and say hi because it's done, and it's a new day and I don't want to hold a grudge over silly things that happened :3
    You know what? You are Priceless.

    It was Priceless that you acted bipolar and blamed everything on me.
    It was Priceless that you acted like a jerk and just wanted sex.
    And it was Priceless that we ended, because it was needed.

    I'm heaps better off without you and occasionally I do think about you and wonder how you are and what your doing?
    But what's the point in that?
    You didn't want to be friends.

    I wonder if you treat girls better?
    Probably not.

    So I hope that your happy and fine being who you are because calling you every rude name in the world won't change anything, it won't changed what happened.

    So if we do ever talk again, I hope that you grew up from what happened because I sure did.

    Don't ever treat a girl like that again =3
    You do realise that I dont give a **** about what you think or about you in general? You're just some random butthurt keyboard warrior I dont give a crap about
    Funny because you people started talking to me after I stopped caring 2 years ago. I only came here to ask 1 question that has already been answered so yeah. It's your obsession bro, not mine. Btw I know another one. Calls other people nerd, occasionally stays up until 3 to 4 am to chat with people who dont even like him. #ZyggyPlaybook
    You know every time I see a response from you I wonder if I should explain to you how retarded it was what you just said or if I should just laugh at it. I don't feel like actually spending more then 10 seconds responding to you
    All I remember is you posting a picture of yourself in the CB when Mawile did. You looked like a chubby emo nerd
    You know its kinda sad. We haven't spoken with each other for like what? 2 years? And you're still obsessed with me. Come on bro, there must be something more useful to do with your life
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