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Primal Crusader V

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  • Sonne started off in Snowbelle City, Xiav started off in Laverre City. While Kaxo was building a garrison around Snowbelle, Ryuka fought his father to inherit his family's Mega Stone and won, while Richard found his own Mega Stone in the cave where you fight Mewtwo in X and Y. After that, Kaxo, Ryuka, and Richard all went to Dendemille Town while Charred's Sonne character, Ordin, was sent to Santalune City. Kaxo got his own Mega Stone and is now going to Lumiose City with Ryuka and Richard. I suspect Ordin is going to Lumiose soon as well. Eris is likely going to Lumiose to try and take it for Xiav while Charred's Xiav characters are heading for the now Sonne protected Dendemille Town.

    That sum up everything enough for ya?
    Nah, It's pretty mild. I reckon it's a combination of being out of shape along with the stress I went through last night with my computer. I'll be fine.
    Sounds legit. Senior year was pretty hectic for me as well.

    Nothing big, just my chest acting up a little. I've dealt with this kinda thing before and it always goes away. I figure it's just cause I'm out of shape.
    Too bad I wasn't able to get in touch with you to tell you about it sooner. It always feels like I just barely miss you on Steam.

    I've been feeling kinda sick today, but other than that, I'm fine.
    That explains a lot. I've been trying to contact you on Steam to tell you about some things you may or may not already be aware of.
    O...kay? I think my brain's not working right now. Coloring in the face helps me see how well the eyes are for anime design because sometimes when it's just lines, the eye looks okay but when I put color well...then it doesn't look so good. XP That sounds amazing. Wonder if he likes doing it...

    ... There's a manga for it too? Of course. Why did they have to make Zero ridiculous in the Rockman Zero manga... Seriously, the least they could've done was make sense... Why build Reploids to get rid of Reploids when Reploids are what you want to get rid of in the first place... (To be honest, it's fine. I like conedy. But I'm just very dissapointed... T_T) I've been thinking of doing one of them just for the heck of it. That reminds me, you heard of Mighty No. 9, right?

    It's nice. Now I just have to wrack my brain on if I can reply to AzerWrath's post or not... (because it was not directed to anyone in particular) Oh really? Eh... To tired to read at this time... I have to work on two posts and an SU, so I kind of speard myself thin. I was willing to go through the risk though.
    Thanks. Didn't it say sketch and don't put anime styling on it? :/ I quote, "at least, not yet." Oh. I think it's better to practice real life sketches now that I've read that. Then again, who am I to say that when I'm not doing it. XP

    Oh. I am interested in the anime though. Liked the first uh...three episodes I've seen so far. But I'm more interested in Transforners Car Robots right now to bother. You too? I thought I was the only one thinking that. Except maybe the difficulty of BN: can't say much on that.

    I am excited for Conquest with Kamotz though. I guess I'll just try reading AHD posts when I can to get myself motivated.
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