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Primal Crusader V

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  • Yes, when I'm older and thus able to do more things. Uh... I hope you don't mind but I'd rather not mention since it's VM. Hair? Heh, you're not the only one. I have a horrible time drawing hair, but sketching hair, and I mean real life hair, is easier for me. That's good.

    Uh... Earth Breaker? Excuse my ignorance, but I've only played up to fighting Elec Man then Proto Man in BN1 and up to that test thing for the new area (or was it anusement park?) in BN Blue Moon. I can't get it through my head that earning zenny in battles means I can get more upgrades and so it makes me feel the battles aren't worth it so... I basically don't feel like playing BN anytime soon.

    I don't really feel motivated to post...
    I meant my older work (which is no longer up), not the one I showed you. XP Thoss were my relatively most recent ones. Oh. Okay. I'd probably try it when I'm older. ...So... Have you read it?

    ... Yeah. I'm probably thinking of Battle Network Bass... I'm not that familiar with manga and anime terms. XP Yup.

    Welcome! Even though this reply was two weeks late.

    That reminds me... I thought I'd mention that I don't really feel motivated to post in AHD right now...
    OK, I probably just need until Tuesday to get Kaxo's SU up. I just can't do it all on my phone and I've been busy with stuff all weekend.
    Yeah, I'll see if I can crank out a sign up tomorrow. I'll be a bit busy this weekend, but I'll see what I can do.

    Think I should bring back Kaxo the cynical Lopunny?
    True. But seriously, it was horrid. My style looked awful and my animation was stiff. Tf2? What's that? Oh, okay. It certainly realize I was learning okay in art.

    Yeah, it does.

    Thanks. Really? Well, I admit his electric attacks are ridiculously powerful, but I found I could avoid most of it and drop his health to half just by blasting him. Still didn't beat him though. Huh. I really got to get myself to playing. All right. Of course, Bass. Bass is cool. I really like how Treble looks.

    Then let me great you with a late happ birthday. Happy belated birthday then! XD Seriously though, I wish I knew sooner.
    Never had to go to war, but at the time, his ulcerative colitis was enough to get him medically discharged years ago. So yeah...
    Yup, yup and yup. Heh, thanks. You should've seen my first animations though, they were horrid. XP Really? Mind telling me as I forgot what the song was since I first heard it on Flipnote Hatena. X/ Yeah, you will. About that, after reading that, it made me realize how I got better at drawing. I'm still learning of course, but still.

    Uh-huh. I'm trying to beat Crystal Snail now. Found out his weakness is Gator's weapon when I used it on him.

    Yeah. Uh-huh. I've only beaten Bomb Man. Guts Man's stage is PURE HELL. I couldn't even get past the first two platforms... Thanks. How many of the Classics did you play anyway?

    That reminds me, did you recently turn 18?
    That's good!

    And I'm getting a GI Bill payment soon since my dad is a disabled vet. And supposedly, the school I go will back pay me the years I haven't been on it, so I should have a hefty check coming in once all gets finalized and those are true.

    I'll give it a check. I can approve, but we collaborate first, and she normally posts our agreement.
    I'll leave it to you to share that. I may be curious, but it's not my place to prod if you don't want me to. I do hope that it resolves itself soon and well. :)

    I've been well. Just enduring school and realizing that I probably should drop work and focus on school alone. I just can't manage my time well between life, school, and work, and school needs to get done. I don't want to burn myself out, and I do want to enjoy college life a bit before I finish, so I feel work needs to go.

    And yes, I'm very excited for AHD.
    And I'm trying out the first two Mega Man games. No, seriously, I am and I keep dying in Bomb Man's stage, so far.
    Now it's my turn for apologies. All right. Investing as in...saving up for one? I believe Cintiq is best for drawing. But...pretty expensive. W...What?! A tounchscreen?! And an Acer?! (Our laptop's an Acer) Huh... But yeah, that's true. I should know as I animated and drew on Flipnote Studio on my DSi XL. It's annoying but you can get used to it. Heh,you're welcome and thanks. I still feel ever flattered as I'm sure there are others better than me. XP

    Uh... Actually, had a little help fron save states. ^^; But his attacks were pretty easy to avoid for me. Except for the one involving the weapon you get from him. That was annoying. I'm not surprised about Wired Sponge as he was so easy to beat with Overdrive's weapon. Wheel Gator? Hmm... Maybe I'll try him next.

    In other news... I finally got around to playing MMZ1 again. Beat Anubis and Ganeshariff yesterday and got the Sub Tank elf that I now have as a Sub Tank.
    Again, it's all right Primal. At least you've made the time for it. Huh, all right. Yes, because it's so much easier in any angle that is not the front, especially when not using shading, but that's another story as I'm mostly thinking of horned things in the front angle (horns on the head are very hard to draw in front, for me at least). You'll have a much easier time doing pen and pencil than using a stupid mouse. Unless you have a graphics tablet (which I don't have but one day hope to have one as we're saving for one), it'll take a while to get used to using a mouse. So don't worry. Take your time practicing with pencils before doing the hell that is drawing with mouses.

    Yeah, I beat him and Sigma some time ago. Then I beat Overdrive Ostrich then Wired Sponge in X2.
    Really? You're welcome either way. I speak it from doing that Megaman Zero comic. I had a pretty annoying time, I believe, doing Panter Flauclaws at first but I got ised to drawing him quickly, which surprised me. A person? Warning, if you try doing a face of a person and you're relatively new to it, DO NOT DO IT FROM THE FRONT. That is the most difficult angle for a face, or many things for that matter. Personally, it's not that making a person is difficult, it's making meld together to look like one. So I think it's a good idea that you practice people. Yeah. I just thought I'd mention how much it can help. I think it's a bit of a more advance technique since most drawings still look fine without shading. All right.

    Okay. XD Seriously though, I feel flattered at this. I really don't consider myself an expert.

    No, I haven't, so thanks! :) I think my next boss is his dog.
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