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Primal Crusader V

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  • The meaning of the lyrics are nice but uh...I don't really like most of the song. I'll probably get used to listening to it though, if I listen to it a lot.

    Oh, and saw FAKE. I can see why you thought it's awesome. The animation's totally better than many other videos I see. But that video also makes me wanna get that desktoo even more 'cause I did have the thought of one of the drama tracks, more specifically the last one. *shudders* It still nakes my heart race.
    Wish I had a Wii U. xD

    Diddy Kong is high tier, I believe.

    Not really, lol.

    Do you SSB3DS and SSB U interact online? I imagine they wouldn't cause of different stages, etc.
    If you have SSB3DS, wanna smash?
    Thanks! I really love to make art. (What the? Glasses? Uh... Never mind. XP) Dang it! I keep thinking Zero equals Megaman Zero. X/ Huh, okay. No, I haven't. But apparently, after searching it, I glanced at one video (more specifically the thumbnail).

    ... Gosh, Greek Fire's just so amazing!
    She's not quite as good as I made her sound now that I've got used to her. Her down B isn't great, and the side B is generally better for air born foes. Still, she's fun to use, and if you get that KO with her teleport (up B)... it's as good if not better than getting the Falcon Punch.

    She is best against big, slow characters, who she eats up (eg Bowser).
    Yup. I really like the Support Conversations in these games, it's always fun to watch. xD I agree. The sound's so awesome.

    Ah, okay. I can see why. BonnyJohn, he's mostly known and revered by because of his art series, Pokémon: One a Day where he made art of all 151 Pokémon of Kanto in many different art styles and designs. They're all awesome! 8D But his best is his Mew piece.
    I've played Fire Emblem and the Sacred Stones, defeated the latter one only, just so you know. XP So I know how addictive it can be. But thanks for not spoiling nonetheless.

    That makes me even more determined to master him. When I get the chance that is. XP Baby Bowser? I thought it was Bowser Jr. There's a difference, with the former meaning a young Bowser while the latter being Bowser's kid. Or do you only call it that because they really just look the same, minus their scarfs? But anyhow, I know how deadly Jr. can be, seeing as an artist I look up to plays Jr. as one of his mains.
    I know! I only watched a little bit of the game from Youtube and already I want it so bad! >_> Same with Smash Bros. Except the I got excited from watching the trailers (especially the Megaman and Greninja/Charizard trailers).

    I kind of figured that out. XP But I seriously want to try Charizard (blue or purple variant) the most, with Greninja, Samus, Megaman and Pit next in that order. But I hear it's not easy using Greninja. X/ But I saw the moves Charizard uses and I think I'd be fine using it. Still gonna try everyone in the roster to see who I use best.
    Heh, yeah. I'm proud of the stuff I've made. I still have one character I have yet to draw, however.
    So, um, on another note, I've been drawing more, and am more than willing to PM you the results when I get the chance.
    I'm learning to use Zelda as well. When sweet spotted she has some of the best aerials. As well as an OP reflect (Neutral B), an explosive that can go as long as you want (Side B, providing you hold the button), a temporary shield that can KO opponents (Down B) and has a fabulous recovery which can be used to teleport across half the stage or KO the opponent at around 70 % (not heavy characters).
    I was a while back, but most of that stuff is fixed now.

    By the way, we're friend on Skype, right? I'm usually more available on there than here as of late.
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