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Primal Crusader V

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  • All right. Still gonna try anyway when I het the chance, 'cause that'll be the only time I could play awesome 3DS like Smash Bros. 4 and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

    I think it's obvious on who'd I play as in Smash Bros. 4 XP
    So...this isn't an actually ROM or somethin'? I have no idea. I was really young then and all I remember was I seriously didn't know the controls and just randomly pressed buttons.
    Yeah, I agree.

    Well that's good news. When you've got it back, let's trade FC.

    Yeah, I got SSB3DS on release day. It's my first SSB game though, and I'm crappy at it. My For Glory record is twice the amount of losses to wins.
    Yup. Tooooo many buttons. Yup. That's why I can't get anyhting new until we get our new desktop.

    Well, technically I can't since I don't have a 3DS but I'm thinking, once we get the desktop, to at least get a ROM of it to at least experience it, 'cause I only played the original Smash Bros. and that was when I was like 7 years old, also when I had NO idea on how to use the controls, especially recovering. XP
    It's fine, I wasn't particularly waiting for a response xD.

    Ah cool, and mockinjay? I'm not familiar... Oh I kinda figured that, make no mistake about that.
    Good. You okay?
    A relative's been in hospital for half a year. They're not in trouble anymore, but even so, spending that much time in hospital is hard.
    It was sorta crappy. It was worth it anyway though because I was with friends.
    Basically a walk with lanterns, but it was apparently short and boring. I actually missed it, but I didn't realise. That's how short it was. Didn't realize it'd be over so quick.
    There was a fire dancer though, and she was good.
    Yup. You got a point there. He's rather passive, which isn't all bad, but it's not so good in a warrior filled world.


    ZSNES? I...doubt I can use it, right now at least. The one I used on our phone, SuperGNES, to try out Megaman X worked, but uh... I didn't like the button placement. X/
    Per...plexing? I don't really see how, but then again, we went kind of backwards in terms of seeing it: first 4, then 3, then 1, then 2. But my brother completed 3 first (not counting him beating Easy Mode in 4, which was the real first), then 4, and then 2. He's still yet to beat Copy's Seraph mode. I seem to like Hellbat Schilt, as well as Panter and Fenri. XP

    Obviously. XD To be honest, I don't really have a number one Dragon-type. I like 'em all really. But Charizard's still my number one. XP

    Well, at least it's only one month. Mmm-hmm. Emulators? Only the MyBoy on the phone and DeSuMe(?) and No$gba on my mom's laptop. We can't download new ROMs for the laptop though, mostly because she needs the laptop for work and it might get a virus, which happened when I downloaded Shiren the Wanderer ROM.
    Uh-huh. Another reason why I like him a lot more than Megaman. XP Seriously wish he was in Super Smash Bros. XP Unorthodox? I...don't see what's unorthodox about it really.

    Oh yeah. Forgot 'bout that. XP While I like Dragon types and dragon-like pokemon in general the most.

    *keeps watching the trailers for Smash Bros. 4* Oh goodness... I really wish I had a 3DS... But a desktop computer's better seeing as people make ROMs of many games. XP
    Heh, I have a few more games coming up, so I'm not full up on entertainment yet. Ah, well, you'll have a lot of catching up to do with the rest of us.

    A party of what kind? Also, neat, though I always feel weird or awkward staying at another persons house.
    Hey Primal, I've been alright, been popping in here to see if anythings happening, nothing usually is. I got pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire yesterday, so that's cool. Also picked up Sm4sh for wiiu.

    What's new on your end?
    Welp, new stupid rule: No computer for moi on weekdays besides Fridays, weekends, and holidays. TG break next week,so that's good. I'll respond to VMs this week. Laters~
    Is that RL problem sorted?
    Yeah, I'm cool. Got some bad RL stuff ongoing.
    Came back from a [walking] lantern festival recently. That was interesting.
    Uh-huh. Definitely. Ha ha ha. XD He certainly had an inreresting one, but that laugh annoyed me at first. XP Can't really remember Tech's... But the ones I liked High-Speed Lift in Tretista Kalverin's level, as well as Max Heat from Heat Genblem's stage. I liked Esperanto and Departure as well. XP I can see that now. Also my brother. XP Or, at least I think he does since he does there screams. XP

    I have no idea what you mean by that. You like Camerupt?
    I really can't remember the themes I really liked from the top of my head, but Falling Down still gets my heart pumping. (I only heard it thanks to Megaman Zero 4's Easy Mode. XP) Popla. He's gotta be the boss I make the most fun of, I first thought he was a chicken and, although I know he's based on the cockatrice, I still call him the chicken. Elpizo, man his scream is piercing. X/

    *smiles sheepishly* Yeah. XD I mean...he's like a thousand times cooler than Megaman himself (but X is a close second. XP). *looks up meaning* Not really, but yeah, I really like Zero. XP I've only ever acted like a fangirl when Mega Charizard Y (where I screamed the longest time: 10-15 minutes) and then Mega Charizard X. XD
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