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Primal Crusader V

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  • Yup. Unfortunately the router got fried last night from a super loud lightning bolt. XP Yeah, I am. Hopefully you'll find one you wanna participate in.

    Yeah, you got a point there. But I still really like the game, even though I didn't pass Blazin' Flizzard yet, or any of the Eight Warriors, or the Electric Golem. XP In short, haven't reached the end in any of them. XD Yeah! But I mostly like it because of Zero. XP
    And Andy wants to kill himself. Sigh. Can you do something maybe? He only has one life to live and won't listen to me.
    The Warriors games are pretty fun, imo. They're often accused of being repetitive, but really the point of the games is having a blast being an overpowered badass that can take on countless enemies at once. Personally, Hyrule Warriors is my favorite, but being a Zelda fan that should come as no surprise.

    If you're curious about Sima Yi in particular, this guy explains his character very well.
    I hear those quotes are notoriously annoying. Not that I would know, the only Megaman game I've played in recent years is the first X game.

    He's pretty much the first person that comes to mind when someone says "Wei Strategist", though in more recent games he's the primary leader of his own faction, Jin, who's story is more of a follow up to the events of the story told by Shu, Wu, and Wei.

    Anyway, I sent you the FR on Steam.
    Vile Hyenard? Vile and Hyenard, are those Megaman references?

    Hmm, no "Who's Sima Yi?"? You wouldn't happen to play Dynasty Warriors, would you?
    You might be able to talk some sense into him by joining PC, but don't hold your breath. He's pretty set on his decision. In his own words, "That place is dead to me" so yea.

    I will link you to it when its up. :)
    *sees you know the Megaman Zero series* What the what?! You know the Zero series?! o_O That series is the reason why I even bothered looking into Megaman!!!
    You're welcome! I hope you're okay too. I've been good. My family and I have moved to a house with wi-fi! :D So I'm around at leasyt once a day, which is mostly because I'm going to school again. XP But it's okay. I'm currently in a Persona RP too, and enjoying using my character Suranuras as well as the RP itself. XD
    I imagine that might end up getting you some odd looks from people that don't get the context.

    Personally, when I start playing games competitively again I might just start following up my victories with "Mwahahahahahahaha, Muda Muda!" Cuz hey, how can you not love the combined forces of Sima Yi's evil laughter and Dio's catchphrases.
    Apparently you can blame bobjr for that, and the SMods for not doing anything about the way he handled it. Neo was just defending religion in Debate and got infracted for it. I really think he shouldn't have been infracted, but maybe the staff know better. I also wish he hadn't bothered there since Debate breeds drama, as it seemed to the the last straw for him with the forum in general. I don't know what else he was dealing with, but might be more than just that. I'm glad RP has nice mods.

    Well I'm currently in Shadow Club with Vampy, DVB, and Crash. I honestly feel it needs more people. Planning to run Sonic Rush 2.1 (Original version) with Neo on Pokecommunity. Two is gonna be my max for now. You wouldn't happen to be still interested, would you?
    Glad to have you offering your support once again!

    Figured. I'm not into Jojo, but I'm aware of Dio. Hell, I love his catchphrases. "ZA WARUDO!" "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA, WRRRRRRRRY!!!!"
    I've been well. Working a lot, college getting frustrating, looking forward to Thanksgiving and the end of the semester after that. XD

    But otherwise, I've been good. How about you?
    Pretty much a miss in terms of subscribers, more hit and miss in terms of views. Neither my Twilight Princess LP (Which I admit to making a lot of critical mistakes in) and my Resident Evil 4 LP that I did for Halloween got much attention, but the Road to Smash series I did leading up to Smash Bros. 3DS got a decent amount of views. Right now, I'm just posting up Hyrule Warriors videos until either I finally get around to playing Bayonetta 2 or Smash Bros. Wii U comes out, whichever comes first.

    Also, I noticed your custom title and can't help but ask this but....is that a reference to Dio?
    Primal! Wow we haven't talked in a while. I'm about the usual. Mostly sad that Neo quit the forum. Have you seen?

    How about you?
    Punished? For what? I can't imagine anything you'd do that would get you in THAT much trouble.
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