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Primal Crusader V

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  • Yeeeaaaahhh. About November 9th. I'm back, of course, but lack of interwebz at home. I'm getting that back sometime this week. Hopefully today. it's all a 50/50 chance everyday. Hope you guys didn't forget about moi.
    Sorry guys. I know that I've promised not to disappear yet again, but as of recent, I've gone through a catastrophic period of my life (no disease, bad diagnosis, nothing along those lines). As of now I'm using one of my school's computers. Because of what had happened, I won't be on until November 9th. Cheers guys.
    I don't know what you mean by Steam.

    Primal also remind me of Primal Groudon/Kyogre.

    So you still don't play on your 3DS? Aw, sorry.
    Well, when you do I just got a new 3DS to replace the one my mum threw out the window, so it'd be great to have you on my friend's list.
    I don't mean to be less entertaining when I 'rant' about something, if anything my experience is to the contrary, having watched people that are entertaining to watch when they get angry like Arin from Game Grumps.

    Also, I dealt with the echo from that first part, though the way I did it could open me up for some audio problems in the future, as I found out the hard way.
    Thanks, and I know I tend to go off topic from the game itself. The problem is I'm usually very quiet when playing video games and finding something to keep me talking throughout the video is extremely difficult for me. I'm currently watching Let's Plays done by someone named Rabbidluigi, one of my inspirations, to get an idea of what I should be saying or talking about.
    I take it you were the one who commented on my video? If so you have my thanks for your support. And my apologies for my boring as **** voice
    Yeah, it's the same as it always was now.

    Same here with the username Top Skuttler. It's not as inventive as Primal Crusader V, but I like it.
    You said that last time. :p

    Primal Crusader V makes me think Primal Crusader five, haha.

    Anyway, how's you? Still play Kid Icarus occasionally?
    Wow. See, I was actually lucky for one time. Good thing it was for something that mattered. XP
    That I don't know. It's not confirmed, but that would be pretty cool. If he does, I'm sure Sharpedo will as well.
    Heh, I would imagine.

    Interesting. The weird thing is that I healed a hell of a lot better and faster than most people when they remove their wisdom teeth.
    Eh, I like it shorter than that, but not very short. It's kinda grown back, but I'm getting it cut soon. And you went paintballing, huh? I've done that. That's fun. And in the neck? Man, first time I got shot in paintball was in the shoulder. My dad flanked me as his teammates distracted me. :p

    And as for me, I ended up losing for teeth. Wisdom teeth, that is. Heh.
    o_O Oh really? Wow. Must have been some interesting RPs or however else you've acquainted yourself with these characters. XD
    Hrm, let me check... Oh yeah! The Sig Sauer P220! Man, that's a beautiful weapon... And no, I didn't have goggles. Just long hair at that point in time. XD

    Alright. I'll wait for that.

    Yeah... kinda grounded that too much into him... *shrug* Gotta have those charCters at times. They exist, so no shame in RPing one... right? XD

    Speaking of... I've kinda lost my drive to RP lately. Mainly because there haven't been a y interesting ones out there.
    Hey, don't forget me! I know it's kind of the cool thing to do, but don't be a bandwagoner! XD
    Yep. Enjoy the whole prologue and chapter I have there. :D

    Weavus: Please, I doubt that.~ .... Oh, fine, who am i kidding. I have to ask, but I suppose you still are reluctant to go out on a lovely night with me to indulge in baser passions.~

    Me: -_- Thought he was finally over these... Come here you. Go take care of your kids... *throws him out.*
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