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  • Well I tried to trade you but you just kept cancelling and I don’t have time so let’s just call this off. Sorry.
    Hey there just dropping you my FC so that we can catch each other. I transfered the pokemon you were after from my bank so I’m ready to trade whenever. Friend Code: 1349-6235–2202
    Thank you for your patience. It has been so long since I played, I forgot how trading works... :) Thanks a lot!
    Has on HM move and cannot be traded... Sorry for this taking long. One moment.
    No problem, I am in no hurry, I hope it was good :) Can you tell me your friend number?
    Sorry, was away for the weekend :) I will be free all evening after 5pm if that works for you.
    Oh, thanks a lot! :) I am in no hurry, so whenever is good for you is good for me. I am in the same time zone as you and my friend code is- 2294-4340-8428.
    Oh wow, I didn't know that... in this case, I am afraid one leftovers is all I got :/
    I'll have them in a few days and will let you know. I have them on my BW2 game and eed to figure out the new pokebank thing. I am going to breed my own anyway, so no specific IV or nature are required, thanks :) What is your time zone?
    Hey, of the items you want I have only Leftovers. If you are willing to wait a bit I can get several of those as well :)
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