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Recent content by PrimalPalkia

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    moon stone

    Why is this item so damn hard to get? i'm having no luck in the underground, and non of the cleffa and clefairy i kill with the move thief give me the item. Is anyone else having this much trouble or is it just me?
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    BD - mon stone

    Hi, i'm just looking for just 1 moon stone. ( i don't care what pokemon holds it ) i don't have many pokemon or items, but i do have quite a lot of fire stones. so you could get 1 of mine for the moon stone.
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    tying to breed a shiny skarmory with good IV's
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    Hidden Ability Trading Thread

    i can help you out i can help you out
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    shiny breeding determination ?

    when is an egg ''determined'' to be shiny ? i'm breeding with the shiny charm and masuda method. so i know it's like 1/512, but when is the egg determined to be shiny ? i hear from some people it's determined when you receive the egg from the old man ( near mauville ) or the little kid ( battle...
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    H/A Torchic?

    i can get you one. what are the shinies or event mons, you can get me?
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    Ability Speculation/Wishlist Thread

    that royal guard ability. i'd like to see that on EVERY pokemon that has either king, queen, or don in the name. such as Donphan, Bastiodon, Kingdra, Seaking, Nidoqueen, and Vespiquen. ( also Rhydon, and possible other pokemon that are either first, or middle evolution stages will have the...
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    Seeking HA Turtwig and Piplup line

    i think i have both of them. i can breed you one if you'd like. the only think i'm looking for is the following. ditto 6 IV ( non-enlish ) Acreus ( jolly nature, preferably 6 IV but 5 IV is fine too, as long as the sp. atk stat is the one that's NOT perfect. ) Baltoy 6 IV, Calm nature, and...
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    Looking for a HA Snivy If possible

    i can get you one in gen 6, so you can bank it over to gen 7
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    shiny odds

    hey there. i was wondering what the shiny odds were WITH the shiny charm AND using the mesuda method ? ( are they the same in gen 6, if so what were the odds back then again ? ) also does dexnav affect the odds in gen 6 ?
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    secret bases trainers

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me with this question. I can't find the answer online so, i'd hope to get my answer here from you guys. My question is, if i invite a secret base trainer to be in my secret base, would they still battle in their original battle style or in mine ? Ex...
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    sure, no problem. thanks for the leftovers

    sure, no problem. thanks for the leftovers
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    alright. i'll start up the game now. sorry for the late reply, was having dinner with my mom

    alright. i'll start up the game now. sorry for the late reply, was having dinner with my mom
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    sure, that works

    sure, that works