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    Saffire's Banner Maker Shop

    I would like a banner. Can I have this image put into normal banner size, so the wolf is on the right and you can still see part of the background. (I know the image is large its the only one I could find =/ And this on the left And next to it Except I want to writing black, and the...
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    for evry one that has played okami

    True. I found it entertaining the way it threw something else in. After I beat Orochi for the first time, I honestly thought it was over, but luckily it was not. A game this long keeps you canstantly entertained,if you do every single last thing, you have atleats 72 hours of game play.
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    Most Graphically Beautiful Games

    Okami. Its graphics are simple but amazing.
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    What is your favorite game for PS2

    GTA San Andreas The Godfather and scarface are great, and DMC is also high up on my list.
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    Best Gaming Series ever.

    Just to inform you. On zelda the swords and shields go through walls, and his hat will sometimes go see through and see the shield, and this is on TP the latest installment D: Hidden Packages Oystera Horse Shoes Vigilante First Aid Fire Fighter Pimp Racing Quarry Wang Cars The...
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    Best Gaming Series ever.

    The driving is smooth and doesnt have stiff turning. The shooting is easy to aim and doesn take 5 minutes to reload. So after completing the game on zelda you continously go where ever you want? In planes, boats, cars? Zeldas free roam sucks compared to GTA's Every game is glitched, and...
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    Best Gaming Series ever.

    So because its glitched it instantly sucks? The driving is pulled off great, easy driving, and the shooting is as good as any other shooting games. The stroies suck? Wow you have a solid argument going. The storie in San Andreas for example, is working your way up to get respect and your...
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    Arrr Feebas

    I caught 2 with a few magikarp inbetween.
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    Arrr Feebas

    Everytime I caught a feebas it was using the Old Rod, the Super Rod and Good Rod never seem to work, try using the Old Rod on the right tile.
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    Easiest Zelda Boss?

    Morphee (Zelda Twilight Princess 3rd boss) Easy, I didnt take a single hit.
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    Rate the sig above you

    7/10 Nice banners, though Im not a fan of the Manaphy line.
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    Wolf Lovers Club

    Can I join? Im fascinated by wolves, or any Canine for that matter XD
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    Best Gaming Series ever.

    Whys that weird? Is one of the best series, each game has a huge map with all different charcters, all different story lines, all different things for you to do, whats so bad?
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    What Video Games Are you currently playing?

    Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) Call Of Duty 3 (Wii) Gta San Andreas (PC)
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    Type using a random body part

    il kxjkn g mjh , jv mkl,cvll;.,reeds Im Using My Knuckles. With my knuckles.