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Prince Amrod
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  • To all leaders of Darkness Rising:

    I've got an announcement: Due to the nature of the progress we're having with trying to open the clan, I'm going to postpone our operations until the last week of June, and/or the first week of July.

    It's the end of school right now, and there cannot be a worse time to get things going, and I've come to see the harsh reality of that. As long as there is school, and there is something of that level of importance going on, there isn't going to be progress in getting the clan active once it's posted anyway, so it's practically doomed anyway, due to the poor timing at which it's going to open.

    Therefore, if you are willing to stick with me on this for the long-term, this is going to have to wait at the very least until well after summer begins, and everything can move without hindrance. In the meantime, continue as normal, but I retain ownership of the clan itself. However, if you wish, you can continue to prep for the opening as well, should the clan open as is in the future.

    Please message me if you want to stick around, and I'll remember that you did. If you do, you retain your division and your title & rank within the clan, and your spot is guaranteed. If not, please message me anyway so that when the time comes, I can pick someone to take up the role of leader. I need to know, so that when I decide that the time is ripe to open up Darkness Rising, I can know who I can depend on to help me get things up to speed.

    I thank you very much for your support in all of this, and I fervently hope to see you again in the summer if and when I make another attempt at getting Darkess Rising going again.

    ~Cosmic Fury
    Please come to the DR xat I need to talk to you whenever you are online you should always come on the DR xat
    Hi, we need to schedule a time with metroid and bobyjoe to all meet up on the xat. scrafty cannot attend, as he cannot use the Xat at all for the time being, so I'm discussing it with you three.
    Hey, have you had the time to discuss with the other leaders on your post format, and have you come up with your ranks yet?

    (Remember the ground rules I laid out, if they've been relayed to you already)
    Hi, I've noticed that metroid invited you to join the clan, as well as some others that I may or may not be aware of. Just notifying you that there's one position left, and there are indeed others that I've asked myself if they're interested in it.

    However, I'm simply confirming your interest, so that if I do pick you, you will be ready to go.

    So far, only one division remains to be claimed, and that is the Electric Divsion. You content to take that one up?

    (As you may have noticed, I'm sending this message to more than one person, as he's apparently invited more than one person to fill only one post. Sorry, but there's going to have to be a little bit of picking and choosing, and it may be you as likely as it may be someone else's. Sorry for the abruptness, but he never ran it by me...)
    eh i went with Team SeaSoul looks pretty good its got its own elite 4 thing and has a balance of wi fi and po has the point systym a
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