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  • Because stalking/prodding at a child on a Pokemon forum and labeling them as "weeaboo" says a lot about your credibility and what kind of person you are, right? People that disagree with you should be stripped of all agency and bullied/harassed like animals and treated with no respect, right? If everyone had that frame of mind we'd all be bigoted individuals who hate each other. Please let it be known I don't have a problem with you because of your usage of any names or any opinion that differs from mine, but the fact you've continuously bothered members, including myself, over choosing to do things different whether that means having a different line of thinking or using Japanese names and my disdain for your actions comes from the way you've carried yourself. You've been incredibly bothersome through and through and that's why I reported you and no other reason. Otherwise I've hand-waved your behavior off and ignored it, but the fact you have the gall to come to my page and attack me on a personal level was the last straw. I truly hope I never have to interact with you again because of how you've acted and I'm hoping a Moderator or Admin takes your past behavior and what you've done now into heavy consideration as well.
    I just wonder why you seem to care so much about me and my differing ways/opinions enough to continuously harass me over simply using Japanese names, considering this has been going on for months now, your behavior, and you've yet to drop it, it does bridge on a bit overly obsessive and disturbing at this point. That's why I reported you, your behavior is nothing but vacuous at this point, especially for someone of your age to continuously bother a minor over the Internet.
    PokeCommunity's server is always busy. I can't stand that tbh. It, along with the lag are the two things about PokeCommmunity that I hate. As for Bulbagarden, I kinda like it's anime section but it's not as active as Serebii's. None of the other pokemon forums I can think of have an anime discussion, except EverGrandeCity but that place started in like December 2011 and has nowhere near as many members as the aforementioned three.

    DawnBoy once tried to start his own forum and made Robert, Street Comedy, Tropius19 and I staff members. Boy did that forum fail badly.
    meh the anime section is a hell hole so i wouldn't blame you for it

    if there was a better place to discuss the pokemon anime that actually gets replies frequently i wouldn't be here

    Jeez dman who dipped your tampons in acid
    some of the posts in PAD make me wonder how these user's accounts are still active
    they do? i used to get infracted a lot but it suddenly stopped for whatever reason and my posts havent even changed lol
    True, but it could have been Steel. They're going for the double weakness to your rival's starter I guess, rather than the widely rumored reverse triangle. I guess the Pokebeach leaker did change his rumor for the starter's types in order to cover his tracks since all of his other leaks are either correct or unrevealed.
    I hated them at first as well, but I like Greninja the most, and it's started to grow on me as well. Dat tongue scarf XD. I can't believe how different they all look from the middle stages though.
    Welcome back.

    You're the only person I know on here who can make hardly any posts at all and still get banned for two weeks.
    Oops. Missed your VM. That was stupid of me. I get spammed with VMs often these days. 7,000+ since the end of February, so sometimes I'll miss some or not get the notification. Not too bad, how about you?

    v Also whether you're allowed to use the Japanese names depends which forum you're in. If you're in spoilers it's fine, because that's the forum to discuss the japanese episodes. it's not allowed in the other sections. i'll admit it can get a little annoying sometimes v
    Well damn we haven't spoken in a while.

    (its Thing btw, if you remember. i had a few username changes + had to switch to an older account that i wasnt able to access for a long time)
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