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  • How was banned camp 2.0? You missed an interesting debate where it was everyone vs Mr Mime and Kira
    We are the Cool(pronounced "coo") Two XD. I hope Wotter Oshawott evolves in the Team Rocket arc. At this rate, I'm guessing BW2 won't end until 2013, so there's plenty of time for Oshawott evolutions.
    Have I've been dodging your questions? This is your first VM to my address, and I've been off.. -.-

    Anyway, I don't hate the English Dub so much as it may seem. For me, there's just no reason to watch it. I've grown up with the Dutch Dub, so it's not second nature for me to watch it in English after seeing it in Japanese. If somebody says for instance: 'Well, the 'raw' was okay, I'll wait to see how it works out in the dub' it makes me laugh because the enjoyment value for me has never changed. And I wonder why it would for others. Take the Cilan episode for instance, I think it was a 6/10, or a bit lower even, and that's being very positive about it. The dub can't do anything, literally nothing, that would make me like the episode more. In that sense, the transition to the English language doesn't do anything for me, and thus in my opinion fails at life. For me, it has no reason to exist. It's just there for a different audience. An elaborate way of saying: I don't watch the English dub, it doesn't do anything for me, and wouldn't change my mind on the subject.

    That said, I also don't see the need to rewatch some episodes as most aren't interesting enough in my opinion to warrant a rewatch, in any form, so after I watch them in Japanese, I don't feel any reason to watch the English dub whatsoever, and would rarely watch the Dutch dub if they ever catch up for the novelty value of seeing a Dutch episode of Pokemon (which to see is a lot rarer then the English dub, considering how long Pokemon was on reruns in the Netherlands. For example BF almost ended in the US, and here they were still airing reruns of Ash fighting Brawly...
    I had an amazing plot in mind, then I started to feel my story was getting silly. I wanted Ash to cover each girl one-by-one and finally let the readers decide who Ash shall pair up with. Then I started writing Legend of the Dark Prince and ignored Romance and the Pokemon Master. I'll restart it when I feel what I wrote wasn't silly. And that's not it since Ash is a Pokemon Master in that story, I could evolve any of his Pokemon by my wish and use them. I used Samurott in Chapter 2 :p
    Some people are just great at finding excuses to whine: an average battle, very small progression in the story, characters' bashing, a sky too blue…

    Eh… mods are almighty. A click is enough to destroy a member's reputation.
    Eh, I understand, don't worry. I wish I could see Ash with a Samurott too, but for now I'm rooting for a Dewott. And for a Servine too.
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