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  • Sure, np. All added and head online with our team of five?

    Also, it's all unhacked/unaltered and no cheating at all on the 'mons, the moves they've learned (like cheated tms, pp ups, etc), or their hold items?
    ****, I've actually been home for a while. My bad. Here's my friend code: 1375-8097-5060

    My name in Omega Ruby is Daphne, the name I gave my most recent gym leader. My name on the 3DS is Riyakou.
    I literally spent the last 15 minutes reading the entire Bulbapedia article on Pokemon History once you said that. God dammit xD
    [I want the Ice Climbers back too. I just wish people would accept that they'd need to be Wii U-exclusive while the 3DS version gets its own exclusive character.]

    [Don't let other people get you down. There are a lot of unpopular ideas for DLC in Smash Wii U/3DS. Another one I happen to support is bringing back Pichu despite the fact that it was the worst character in Melee according to the Melee tier list. There is so much hate for Pichu, but I support it mainly because it is the baby form of my main and Pokemon's mascot, Pikachu. And despite that fact, it was the only Melee veteran - when considering that Young Link became Toon Link - that was never considered for Brawl. There's actually a lot of support in Japan for Pichu, but apparently the developers listened to Western gamers a little too much - they are the ones who have issue with Pichu. It's no coincidence that Pichu is also based on an animal many people have a problem with in real life, the mouse. Personally I think mice are cool, some of my favorite cartoon characters are mice. Not to mention the corporate mascot for the Walt Disney Company is a mouse, and you know who he is.]
    You ninja'd me with that edit for guessing Forretress :( I was like "Magneton can evolve so it can't be that" but when I posted it I saw that you edited it to Forretress and I was like "no all my hard work!"
    I didn't understand your question. Are you asking about its STAB-affected moves, or no?
    Yea, I was thinking that.

    Maybe when we do battle vs your 6 guys, can try my battle facility rules in addition to regular battle.
    I hadn't thought about design too much for a base, but this all came about in Unova's Join Avenue. That's my battle facility and I'm Mall Manager Frankie.
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