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  • Yea, I was thinking that.

    Maybe when we do battle vs your 6 guys, can try my battle facility rules in addition to regular battle.
    I hadn't thought about design too much for a base, but this all came about in Unova's Join Avenue. That's my battle facility and I'm Mall Manager Frankie.
    Oh, well even before this I created the Battle Mall for myslf. My battl tyle is random selection battles where player's teams are randomly determined via things like number generators out of the list of thir battle ready pokémon. I seriously play games like this with others and as I mentioned, was gonna do this with my other base. My team would weekly be determined by number generator or whatever, and then challengers would hopefully randomly use a team of three themselves to battle me.
    Hmm, I was thinking about building it behind the Rusturf Tunnel in memory of my original Sapphire game. But what is your idea of the Frontier

    Yes, would be cool. I have a team in mind I'd prolly use (my main team), but still have to get one of my guys ready for it.
    Nothing to apologize for. You're honest about it and understanding. :)

    But maybe could battle that team of six you have some time. I also have a secret base (not a gym theme but a Hoenn home as I call it. In the future I hope to make a Battle Frontier-like base with my other game.
    Ah, I'm not about hacking to fix ivs. The hacking of shininess I wouldn't mind battling, just the iv hacking though. But your first run of X team sounds interesting because you seem to really like them. They seem like would be fun to battle.
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