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  • It's alright man! I'm always trading anyways and battling when I'm bored. If you collect events and shinys you might want to keep my FC! LOL.
    Yeah, the moving sprites and the real-time camera make battles way more exciting! Attacks look alot better too!
    I don't feel good today. Lets talk via pm on tseh.

    And I had plans on continuing the rp today, my cramps aren't as bad.

    Although i'm feeling into guilt and gloom again. I WANNA BE A TYRANITAR!!!!

    This is why dark has to be my favorite type. I....really idolize that cold, not-giving-one-ness. >_<;; It's soo not me and soo how I wanna be! I'm SICK OF BEING A DOOR MAT.

    Plus it's hurting the people I care about the most....my friends....and family.


    Even though I wanna be friends with everyone. *SIGH*
    My mom need's me I have to get going now bye she's sick and she need's me to take care of her.

    Take care :) And please pray she get's better so she can see her boyfriend.

    I'll bring video games upstairs with me^^
    Well other people don't exactly live inside of your head. But they do on the outside.

    Some things just are strange in public

    Yeeaa, we really are best off as just friends....


    Likely Rainbow already know's and has disided to spare us the drama (somehow even over aim. scared to touch topic either way).

    I still kinda have a crush on you though.

    But yeah. Your young... .///.;

    Even though you really do impress me.

    Gah! It's tough.
    ....If not a lot of people.

    It might teach me paitience. Didn't say I wanted help with that, though....

    She might already of kinda figured out by our sigs on tseh lol but maybe pairings arent really token that much to heart
    I was too awkward to admit the whole thing.

    Remember our age difference.

    We don't wanna spook her about me liking you and all. Even IF i can't really HELP it....
    On my comp it's Celebi currently and i'm not quite ready to change it lol.

    Glameow's colors in my avatar are adorable. :)
    Yeeah I wouldn't wanna use a red skin right now lol red's almost brighter than yellow is XD The mild amounts of red in the grovyle skin are fine, though. Plus green is calming. :)

    I love how serebii.net's backgrounds are always pretty eye easy XD
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