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  • Thank you. It's still a bit bright but seem's to not hurt my head as much.

    Normally I really like bright colors. But Periods are b*tchy.
    Hey, Sapphire?...the forums isn't letting me change the skin i'm using in my profile D:

    Can you maybe edit my profile and change it to the Grovyle Skin for me? Thnx^^
    Also I read Miley is her nickname and she got it cuz she was always smiling. :) It sound's like Smiley.

    She's like me. And she was a pollyana/plucky girl/cheerful child to the VERY MAX.

    I agree...well, I also really like Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack. XD


    Apple Jack remind's me of Miley's dad.

    I kinda always found Rainbow Dash some-what attractive due to her badassery.


    She's EVADINCE that peace is indeed possable.

    Yeah your evadince agenst all black and white thinking. WELCOME TO THE HERD @_@

    Wanna talk about ponies soon.
    Well okay a guy with a girl-like way of presenting himself. That come's pretty close to it actually *being* a girl. :p

    ...I am not a good influence on you, am I?

    I could see you with fan girls. You've got a boy-like confidence to you, even with all your snarkiness your such a......badass. XD
    You? Naive?....xD; I'M kinda naive from what I hear. Your pretty sassy.....yet you like sweets. It's rather odd.

    Was the person a GIRL?...ohhh, you can tell me via PM, if you feel more comphertable :p
    People have flirted with me before soo I guess I look cute.

    I rather not care too much. Sides, oviously, it's my diet that help's. :p

    Sassy girls like their vegetables, afterall. Thats what Pokemon tells me and i'll trust it's words, since apperently they work in my head. 8D
    I love hats :) I used to have a baseball cap. :) And bracelets are sooooo badass. People call them 'girly' lol yet you can give them out as tokens of friendship?...people are so strange. YET FUNNY!


    I bet you look hot with a headband on, too bad I shouldn't really think that till you are 18.

    I've worn them before. I think they're neat. XD But i'd be scared to wear them the way miley does...she's kinda rebelious lol

    Then again I am too but i'm also modest! Though I totally refused pants as a kid lol like the PLEUGE. I was always outside.

    I had serious guts and I always take it for granted.....I was like a lolita with nerves of STEEL, I even had BLOOMER shorts! :3

    Naturally I wanna become a lolita really bad for the sake of this sheer nastalgia. Not even I lack SOME sense of THAT.

    Heck ya she does. I hope I stay a fan for awile, screw nastalgia. XD

    I wanna see more picts where she's looking all 'badass' roflmao.

    Seriously the way she wore her belt in the show.....I WANNA DO THAT AND NOT GET IN TROUBLE FOR IT.

    Miley Cyrus has such a badass face in that picture I posted of her lol Who could be soo confident in a pink skirt like that with such a shiiiny belt?! :3 W00T! Totally has my RESPECT for that one~

    She's like all;
    "B*tches, i'm the queen around here, I don't give a ****, i'll wear this sassy girly girl outfit if I want to and you can just blink 1000x cuz i'm totally cute I totally own you and you ain't seen anything yet. YET YOU ALREADY LOST. *continue's to staaare into your soooul...*"

    Oh yeah Gliscor if its a guy and know's attract he can be Lila's boooyfriend just saying lol naaah she's too good for that XD well....XD Maybe just a boy who's a friend? XD; *COUGH*

    Yeah CuteLilJolt better watch out for him.
    Cuz, ya know....there COULD be. >_<; Best not take any chances anyways since that album mean's soo much to me the thought of it getting deleted is like a heart attack.

    I'll just think of it as like the May album; "Won't be spoiled till otherwise posted from".


    For the record, i'm gonna look up miley cyrus picts on photobucket search....and see if there's still any or if people really did get their accounts deleted for it roflmao~

    I'm back i'm back I haven't watched miley yet today lol XD

    I might make my miley cyrus album private on my photobucket account just in case there's a legal issue agenst posting pictures of her publicly for children to see.
    Ahh that makes me respect you even more 8) You can become MANLY by 'growing up' with POKEMON.

    Your childhood pleases me. :3

    ..What about my Jolteon? :p *whistle's* SHE KNOWS THUNDABOLT, GOLDUCK'S WEAKNESS!!!
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