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  • Yeah but I think people complained a lot about Hannah Montana appeling to kids (possably even YOUNGER kids. "Choo Choo like a train"?) cuz it wasn't a 'cartoon' and kinda had rather 'rude' humor. People mighta thought it was too mimicable.

    And the popularity with preschoolers seemed to be an issue. Her biggest fans were like these little kids lol I think the parents were just trying to be good parents.

    Didn't help that she was on a lot of toys XD

    Again, i still don't see the big deal...well, THAT much.

    Besides, its not like she dresses like a s***. She just has additude.

    Honistly, parents let their 5 year olds watch TRANSFORMERS.


    Robots BLOWING EACH OTHER UP. Pick your battles.
    I guess a kid *WOULD* get in trouble for 'talking back' too much in school, though....
    Thats okay, I have level 100s, too. :)

    And, also, we can do Flat rule. lol~

    Lets keep posting in the miley club.

    I find it funny...some people i was friends with told me she was totally UN cool. XD

    Although, one of these people did like Ashley Tishdale. And, Ashley is awesome, she kinda share's Miley's 'badass girly girl' status but maybe she's cut a bit more slack since she didn't try to appel as much to kids? (she's mostly done shows for an OLDER croud. which is a good thing...I've heard her songs, defenetly NOT kids stuff. I really like her B)).
    And Lila is soo cool sounding. If you ever get Wi-fi, I want to battle her, as well as trade you my shiny caterpie from soul silver i got off GTS once. :)

    I kinda wanna make a cooler picture of Miley/Hannah with Hello Kitty for my avatar on tseh. I mean she's cute in this one but it need's more additude lol.

    Seriously she sings about HAVING A DOUBLE LIFE in the show and somehow doesn't spoil it. Toughness!
    She is pretty badass for not knocking out a BISHARP lol I still like her.



    I still kinda wish my partner on md sky was a female vulpix lol but thats okay, I love my cyndaquil partner and guys can be cool, too^^ A lot of my bestest friends ever were male, even if i'm totally for girl power. XD But gender is over rated.

    ITS ALL ABOUT. ADDITUDE. And having nerve.
    Dark types are like snark types. Snark types are the best dark types and thus dark types are awesome types.


    I'm sure you understood that soooomehow.
    I made a Miley Cyrus club on TSEH now :3

    I still feel kinda bad about 'gossiping' about her love for Hello Kitty, but, hey, at least it's something possitive about her? :p

    Anyone with THAT much additude being a Hello Kitty fan, no less, a HUUUGE Hello Kitty fan, is defenetly worth all the mensioning.

    I mean she's gotten in trouble before for her additude! lol but somehow i don't care cuz she sang THAT FRIGGEN' SONG....

    Wee, I love me~

    Yeah she's with Hello Kitty its soooo PERFECT


    Cuz only cool people like Hello Kitty. 'Nuff said!


    No Tyranitar like's Pokemon battles lolol and he wouldn't be as cool without his snarkness. Thats ONE Pokemon that DOES get complimented for just not giving one.

    Honistly, I love dark type Pokemon. It sounds funny coming out of someone who just doesn't stomic VIOOOOLENCE in fiction very well. XD

    But Hey.

    I-Got-Nerve. :p Totally should be my newest catch phrase 8)
    And pretty gross. I guess I won't sweat the details, you can probably figure it out :p I think.

    And my name on TSEH is "Hello Kitty Own'z! XD" now XD
    He's pretty cool but I like Roxanne best. Roark fight's with his dad too much in the anime, anyways XD

    Plus Roxanne is adorable. She look's like Mint from Tokyo Mew Mew!^^ Okay, you don't really watch that show, but I still like that she look's like someone from a MAGICAL GIRL.

    And she train's rock types...she's pretty badass. XD But also she's seem's soo mellow from what I remember from the anime.

    Like nothing can shake her, she can't be bothered too much by anything. Tyranitar could be a good match for her, plus she can be serious too I think. I think she could win it's respect.

    I don't think a Tyranitar will put up with just anyone. And Brock with one is a total turn off....
    If Roxanne doesn't have one when you battle her in b/w2 (you can battle old gym leaders in one place in this game), imma gonna be mad. XD

    Roxanne's like the coolest Rock Gym leader, anyways. She's cool, calm, and, collected. And a girl. GIRL POWER!
    x3; <3
    Thanks for the ice. :D

    I wish I knew who my favorite ice type pokemon was lol

    My Pupitar on Mystery Dungeon is a Tyranitar now^^

    He's badass as hell and kinda remind's me of you though I think your even cuter XD

    But Tyranitar is cool XD I love how it like 'crotches over' as it use's 'bite' attack. Soo snarky!
    Honistly I think anyone who seriously dislike's cute things or flowers has insecurity issues.

    It's not strong to dwell on negative stuff like killing and ugliness all the time....(even in fiction)


    Flowers and Hello Kitty are relaxfull.

    Learning how to relax about things is defenetly a strengh, not a weakness.

    Honistly I have no reason to think otherwise.
    Your grandpa sounds soo funny XD Let me guess, heavy drinker?


    I don't like headaches...*head still hurts X_X*

    I need to learn to *NEVER* get upset about ANYTHING. Ever again.

    The resolting headaches are too ugly :<

    Nuff said.


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