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Recent content by Princess Reina

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    If you meet a pokemon character,who would you want to meet

    Riley. He is a real man.
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    Looking for...

    If you look for them, go here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=154 I hope you will find people who have them^^
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    masterball on mesprit or cresellia

    Not sure. I used mine on Mesprit. If you dont have any Master Balls, then go with Wobbuffet. Wild pokemon cant run from Wobba, that why if you look for Mesprit/Cresellia, you should put Wobba as your first pokemon (in team). If Mesprit/Cresellia loses some HP, throw Ultra Balls on it.
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    coolest looking shiny

    I like shiny Shuckle, Flareon, Charizard, Starmie, Persian (yes), Butterfree, Shellos and Manaphy.
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    What is ur serebii-background?

    Similar topic was made by May>Misty, here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=261140 Anyway, I use the green one. V9.0
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    Training Locations

    Good place to train EV SpDef is a part of sea between Sunyshore City and EliteLeague. Every Tentacruel gives you 2 SpDef points, also Tentacruels are very common there so the training should be easy. If you want to train: EV Attack - you should look for places where are Machoke, Bibarel...
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    Favourite Pokemon

    We have a topic about fav pokemon/type: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=90483 My favourite is Mesprit, Flareon and almost all bugs.
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    What is the best common bird pokemon?

    I like Hoothoot. It isnt really common but I like it. Hoothoot is cute^^
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    Do you like the in-battle trainer comments?

    Some of them are funny. Cyrus has cold and original comments My last pokemon - OMG, sexy! XD I dont like their comments AFTER battle. They usually say You are so strong!, I cant belive how strong you are.... Every noob who plays pokemon hears that.
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    Something Intersting

    I dont really think so. Also, events should be available for everyone, not only for people who live in US/Japan. Nintendo should do special net-events for people who live outisde US/Japan.
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    favorite steel pokemon and move

    My favourite steel type pokemon is Lucario Fav attack: Iron Defence.
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    Best Training

    Putting them to the Day Care is the worst training ever. If you put them there: - your pokemon will learn some random moves from the movepool - the bond between your pokemon and you will be on the low step (so if your pokemon uses Return, it wont be effective) - no EV training. EV...
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    is the wait killing?

    Im waiting for the fight between Ash and Maylene. I want to see her Lucario. The waiting would be more confortable if the episodes between Gym epi werent boring fillers.
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    May and eevee

    Probably Glaceon. She doesnt have any ice types so Glaceon would be perfect.
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    Hunter J Part of Team Galactic?

    Maybe she is Cyrus`s daughter? They look similar (color of hair, hairstyle) I dont see her as part of TG. Probably she is a single woman who steals pokemon for her own pleasure and...money.