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  • [ I see you have Skype, would you like to talk on Skype someday? Then I can show you some fun Pokemon stuff, like my Pokemon figurines. :3 ]
    [ Well, maybe something similar, but not exactly the same? How about... A black long skirt, and a black belly top with a yellow lightning icon on it? ]
    [ I meant this: would you want an outfit like Elesa if you'd be an Electric-type Gym Leader/Elite Four member/Champion? I wasn't talking about Pokemon merchandise. ]
    [ If you'd be an Electric-type Gym Leader/Elite Four member/Champion, what would you wear? And what would your main Pokemon be? It has to fit the type.

    If I'd have such a role for the Water-type, I'd wear blue long jeans and be shirtless, and Milotic is my main Pokemon. Do you think that fits the Water type? ]
    [ Okay, well, if you don't see it, you don't see it.

    I've asked this a few people, sorry if I asked this already: what kind of Pokemon merchandise do you have? I have some plushies, and hundreds of plastic Pokemon figures. ]
    [ Look at the gif below. Do you think Ash likes boobies? xD

    [ Oh, is Electric your second favourite type?

    What hair colour do you have? If it's either blonde or black, it's Elesa-ish. Hers is blonde in BW, and black in BW2. ]
    [ And which of those Pokemon should be her main Pokemon?

    Do you have many things in common with Elesa? Your favourite type is probably Electric, but do you share any traits with her when it comes to looks or personality? ]
    [ Do you like talking to me so far?

    Anyways, do you think a Pikachu would fit Elesa? I think it might be a cool match. ]
    [ Is that the only one you have, or do you also have other plushies? And how about plastic figurines? ]
    [ The same goes for me, I have many old cards, but barely buy them anymore.

    And how about other things? Do you have figures or plushies? ]
    [ Good. It seems like you at least somewhat like Ash x Misty. Do you think so too? :p

    Do you collect any Pokemon merchandise? ]
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