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  • I still have (presumably) a max IV Ditto in White 2. That was always my master Pokémon for breeding.

    Gruesome history behind it. It was an offensive slang that was adopted in the war. The word stuck around as offensive, much like other racist words.

    I could be doing a little better, myself. I'm exhausted as heck with a minor headache. Several straight hours of work will do that. You know what I mean. I could care less about my health; I hope you'll get back to a better condition.
    It's actually a lot of work getting the first Pokémon with max IVs. After that you can just pass on the perfect IVs (if you get something with 4-6 different max IVs) to something new with Destiny Knot.

    Someone has to tell you. The word "Jap" is racist. For that reason, people say "Jpn" for the shorthand of Japanese.
    That's the big joke around the Pokémon community at the moment.

    Okay, if you're doing IVs, you need to get some Pokémon with good IVs. Get a few Dittos from the friend safari. Use the IV checker guy to find out which stats Ditto is maxed out on, then breed that with whichever Pokémon you want to be yours holding the power item for that stat (since you're MM breeding, you can't breed both dragons), then breed that dragon with the same item to pass the next sat onto the dragon you're MMing.
    I've been meaning to, but I can't be bothered.

    Ah, are those her favourites?

    Yeah, I guess. I haven't tried it yet.
    what kind of bird was it anyway, little?

    you should try using Pikachu with Play Nice as the Pokemon to take the place of the clone :eek:
    although, if it was also white you might not have noticed what it did

    damn games, play nice
    Hmm, how odd.

    Yep, those dragons take forever.

    That's weird. Yellow sounds alright, but I can't imagine it ever being pink or purple.

    Of all the places to take a dump, that's the worst.
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