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  • Now I want to check. Eh, tomorrow.

    One of my sisters is easy to scare, the other one I think sees me coming.
    Well if you're still gonna do it be more careful and stuff.
    Well, I don't mean just people getting punched in the face or something like that. I can take that. But apparantly it has a rape scene that's really brutal.

    XD She might just be!

    XD Cute.
    I think the music might be a different version of the GTS music? It's been a while so I don't know.

    I don't remember. I think I was hiding for a long time trying to scare someone in my house, but they saw a bit of me and I was all fuuu, all that time wasted.
    Oh, okay. Do you use like their computer or something in there?
    Cool. How far are you?

    I think something like that has happened to me before. So now what, no more Wi-Fi or you just have to be more careful?
    Irony is a cruel *****.
    The worst kinds of cuts to me are caused by the following:
    Printing paper.
    Rose bushes.
    Razor grass.
    Yeah, shiny Staryu on my Black version.

    Ahaha, facepalm. You must have been like, shlt, noooo!
    It stopped bleeding after a half-hour, I think.

    Almost being in the hospital definitely beats actually having to go.
    I still hate glass.
    Yup, though I do have one on Black, but nicknamed.

    That's too bad. And I'll tell them again if I ever get the chance
    That really sucks.

    That does remind me that I nearly sliced the bottom of my foot open on a piece of glass two days ago. I couldn't walk properly for awhile.

    ****ing glass. Y U SO SHARP!!!
    It's a good idea not to do it in the future then.

    Yeah, not being able to connect to the internet is a pain.

    No, and I probably won't. I like David Fincher as a director, but the movie is supposed to be pretty violent and brutal.

    Oh, I'll check it out then. Haven't been on deviantart all day...


    Hi, how are you. It's been AGES.
    I love your signature of the girl who lept through time with Celebi in it. *faints of cuteness*
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