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  • Pretty much what you expect of a cheerleader.

    Yeah, that is clearly a parody of Call of Duty mixed with Halo.
    So, are you going for a second time?

    Heh, I never did like Marill much anyway xD
    Then again, I might be mistaken.

    Yep, they do look alike.

    I go there occasionally.
    Hahaha, how fun xD

    Number one is lulz.

    I hate pork, so I'm not really the best person to ask about that.

    Ah, make sense. Wreck-It Raplh isn't actually a real game. It was made up for the movie.
    That's why it is always good to research films before watching.

    Weird place to put a Pikachu XD
    Her face resembles me of someone. I don't remember who though.
    So that's uh. A bit later. Not too late at least. We'll figure it out. Okay, you're sleeping I think? Good night.
    Yes. Blame the phone. Always takes the blame. Muhahahaha!

    "All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!" -Twilight Sparkle; Season 1, Episode 1
    There is a certain thing about being a moderator that makes people just awful to be around. They're either licking your boots or being dumbarses or going out of their way to get under your skin.

    What can I say? She's Twilighticious.
    I won't send them all in the same day of course. Yeah, I guess we can battle later.

    Once the map settles down, I'm taking a week off from there. It's stressful.
    I thought you meant battle at first. Yeah, I guess 100 is a healthy start.

    It went surprisingly smoother this time. More mods and admins compared to last month.
    That's weird. Yeah, I'll send them back to you.

    Sorry. It was the first of the month. After the map resets things get very busy alarmingly fast. I'd still be at it if I didn't have another moderator helping me out this time.
    weired, jerk, etc

    not for me, but for others

    but it can still hit the metal parts of the car
    ahaha, because he looks like a girl sometimes. **** he looks ugly, cool beard tho

    a man would be nice though >_>

    but then it might make the car blow up
    we should get another person to sing his songs

    :/ but I bet it ends well anyway

    snows a lot? it will freeze
    but don't you like that baby song? D:

    can't they just not touch? I guess not

    it will drown
    or to assholes like that one bieber guy

    yea, even though I know nothing about it

    oh cool, my sister has one in another color. Nooo, save the Pikachu
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