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  • I'm still feeling a little bit crappy. Some sleep will help with that.
    Fun fact. Pinkie Pie and Applejack are technically cousins.
    It's nice to see that cliche dealt with in a different way.

    Seems like that would be pretty expensive.
    oh really didn't know that but cool yeah I never liked using gimp XD I guess were the opposite on that I just never got gimp to work as well as i didn't really like the layout but i respect people what they like. I encourge them to work on what they are more comfortable with ^_^
    oh yeah who doesn't i need more textures as well im mostly using the ones that come with my CS6 lol I swear we can never get enough of those brushes and textures right ppl ;)
    Yeah, I noticed it grades you on how well you've done in each level.

    Ah, I remember now.
    I haven't written a single word since two months ago. Been way too busy with other stuff.
    I don't think it was like that in the first game. A lot of this 100% completion stuff came about thanks to PS3 and Xbox achievements.

    Oh, what fandom/pairing is that for? I know how you feel, as I haven't been able to write anything new for my fic in months.
    lol yeah but still turned out nice though ppl ^_^ I know i do that alot as well don't feel bad tbh right now it still looks great eventhough it has hot colors XD
    lyra i like your banner ^_^ i don't know it caught my eye while searching the forms and then saw your name and sig :3 your banners always turn out nice though ^_^ how are you my dear?
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