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Last Activity:
Jul 8, 2016
Jun 13, 2010
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Certified Behemoth

(Pro)bopass was last seen:
Jul 8, 2016
    1. Ana_Julía
      Hahaha, Late Reply is a Shame...:P
      Thank You, Anyway ^.^
      I Noticed You are a Old Rater...Are you like those 'God's Of IGRMT'? xD
      Nice To Meet You ^.^
    2. Honus
      rzr leaf . . .
    3. Soroft
      Haha, true that. Oh well though, there's always room for things to get better.

      Yes. Ohmygodyes.
    4. peacemaker987
      So how is John Doe?
    5. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      Eh.I suppose.

      imo we need to flame the n00bs.
    6. Soroft
      Ha! You mistake me for someone that disagrees. Joe's the best mod I've ever seen in there, but with him gone it's a dangerous in that place.

      Right? Dawnguard's out though. :D
    7. Flappy
      Ok thanks for letting me know friend.
    8. Aura Sensei™
    9. peacemaker987
      oh indeed. I like green.

      I suppose a nation of people with their heads eviscerated is pretty neat-o.
    10. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      Btw Flappy thinks you're a troll.Just telling ya since I think he's being foolish.
    11. peacemaker987
      Colours are nice.

      Are canadians exempted in your books?
    12. Soroft
      Oh, yeah, Arch left the place awhile ago and Shine's only on every so often. Mods seem to be so hard to come by in IGRMT. x)

      So what's up with you?
    13. Flappy
      I guess he used to be on the Forums a while back, and I guess I remind people of him. So they thought I was him. Everybody knows im not him except for little *** boy Lapras. But its quite understandable he is a newbie.

      EDIT: I think its funny how he is saying im Kays, when ever he didn't even know Kays or was around when he was.
    14. Soroft

      Haha, how do you mean? Not in particular. I just remembered it in my copious amounts of free-time, and figured I'd check it out. After looking at it a bit I realized that I kind of felt guilty for ditching it so much and leaving all of the work to others while I had the capability to at least do something to help. Plus I never really got to troll so much, I was too busy putting my serious-pants on, so I might need to do that. >:D All in good fun though, bashing's for n00bs.
    15. Rokkenrolla
      I don't know why that would be the case.
    16. Soroft
      Um, not really to be honest, it's been so long that I just sort of forget a lot of the faces that weren't really prevalent in 4th gen and early 5th gen. :x

      So, how goes?
    17. peacemaker987
      I guess frogs aren't as ugly I suppose.

      In fact I am.
    18. Soroft
      So are you like, another old rater that changed their name, or am I just going senile?
    19. Rokkenrolla
      Although I am bewildered by your alien comparison, I thank you sincerely for the support.
    20. peacemaker987
      Frogs do have above average sized eyes - proportionately. Indeed, I am a nidbit above.
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