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  • Hold up, Proffy, I don't think you're in any position to be accusing me of not existing. I am a god p/m though, thanks for noticing!

    I am doing... things. Still. Pretty much the same, which isn't necessarily, how shall I say, a great thing. How about you? It's been years; last I remember you were finishing a degree in psychology...? What brings you by? Are you staying? Will GrizzlyB get a response to this message? Find out next time, on SPPf!
    As well as any of us can be in current times. How about yourself?

    What about raccoons?

    Behavioral Neuroscience. One of those things where it sounds smarter than it really is, since a lot of my focus has literally been how do people like to use the internet.
    Well I'm well, because I like puns like that because I feel 40 now. I do almost have my Masters complete and it's only 2 months away! I just picked one of the weirdest subjects.
    Profesco, I also had a dream about you one time, and I guarantee that it was way sexier than Molly's dream.
    I thought of you. Best part: "You frequently make puns, but they are never funny. They are multilingual, serious, and full of multiple levels of meaning, and include at least two pieces of poignant social commentary."
    Hi Profesco, it's been a while. How are you doing?

    I need to get through Alpha Sapphire while I'm on this short break.
    Since I'm pretty sure you're the only person I talk to who actually posts here anymore, I will send only you this video in honor of Christmas.

    We may or may not do the Christmas Arms frequently in my apartment. We have listened to this song approximately 028310283029 times since we discovered the video and still find it hilarious.
    I just came here to check the contest thread to see if there's anything new about ORAS contests (I guess they got rid of most combos, so boo, but you can feed your Pokemon unlimited pokeblocks, so yay) but I had to respond to such fabulous prose.
    .......the PM you sent to me and the reply I sent to you got killed when the forum was down and had to revert to a backup, mind sending me the PM again? ^_^

    I'm not sure you already read the reply, so might as well do it again.
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