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Jan 13, 2019
Aug 3, 2007
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August 10
into that good night

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gone gently, from into that good night

Profesco was last seen:
Jan 13, 2019
    1. Sonic Boom
      Sonic Boom
      Not surprising that's it's been (Just a week over!) four years, honestly. I've been away from here for a quite a while, and only now just started staying around here regularly. It does feel like everything's going by really fast though. Could be because we're older. :X

      I remember the first time I watched Forensic Files back in 2005 and I was just hooked on the subject. Being able to provide closure for families who have experienced tragedies through science, and to help prevent tragedies like that from happening again, is something I'd like to do for years on end. I'm still deciding between Forensic Biology and Forensic Chemistry, but I have considered Forensic Psychology for a time.

      Given your passion for education that I'm seeing, I take it you've been pursuing an Education degree while I've been away? :p
    2. Sonic Boom
      Sonic Boom
      Profesco! Long time! How's everything been?

      *High Fives* Thanks a bunch. Figured I needed to get my life back on the move again, and the best way was to get more focused on my original passion. I should get my Bachelor's within the year, provided everything goes without a hitch. After that....maybe a Masters. =D
    3. TheFightingPikachu
      I'm in the process of applying for a math tutor position at a local technical college, but that hasn't taken enough time to really keep me from logging on here. I still do plan to send a PM your way soon.

      And, yes, the post you mentioned is the one I was talking about when I said you may have cast the net too wide. Particularly, the use of the phrase "in any way" in the second section if the post. After contemplating that for a few minutes, the first example that popped into my head was an episode of the Charlie Brown cartoon in which Sally attempts to get Linus's attention by asking if he likes her bikini. Perhaps it's debatable whether that really counts, but I do tend to champion the cause of careful qualifier usage.

      Hmm. If the tags on Patheos are assigned by a given post's author, then it may be really bad for some or a few of the authors on there. When I was reading an article someone else here linked, I noticed "Textual Criticism" in the large pool of clickable tags, and since this is a topic about which I have studied quite a bit, I of course, did click it. I can't explain the full details now, but I can assure you that if authors attach their own tags, then at least one of them has almost no concept of what textual criticism really is. (This is mostly because I had to search a bit before I even found any posts discussing manuscripts and how they are studied to see which readings are likely original. And even then, one that did address the topic included plainly false information that showed the author hadn't even been careful with the modern source he was discussing.) Alternatively, if readers attach tags to posts, then it could be another representation of a sad fact I've observed elsewhere, namely that a startling number of non-theists match many Christians in the pews for abysmal knowledge of the study of biblical manuscripts.

      I feel almost like someone warning a friend not to join a gang. :[
    4. Cipher
      "#642 Thundurus [Hasty]
      IVs: 31 / 31 / 28, 29 / 28, 29 / 31 / 28, 29, 30
      Stats at Lv.40: 125 / 109 / 64 / 116 / 81 / 115"

      Did you know about this? That's crazy.
    5. Cipher
      Ah, I've just never had the patience to save prior to release and track them down for resets. Or bother not Master Balling them, for that matter, as I don't know what else I'd use it on.

      HP, Attack and Special Defense, by the way. At least two out of the three are vaguely useful.
    6. Cipher
      Are you sure? I had a male ready to go with a different value missing, so you could've bred them for the one you want easily. Let me know. It's still there for you.

      Also, thanks a ton.
    7. Cipher
      With a Heart Scale? Jeez. You're over-gifting.
    8. Cipher
      Unbelievably, that wasn't one I got. I just went through them. It's either HP, Defense or Speed.

      I'll trade you two so you can make your own if so inclined (just give me junk for the other). On in a second.
    9. KantoPkmnMaster
      The main players i was alluding to would be a more liberal movement with populist tendencies headed by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Tom Harkin, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are regarded as the "far left" . Basically they feel like the current system of the democratic party doesn't go far enough to push for some issues such as healthcare, minimum wage, social issues, etc. Because of this view they will likely press these issues in a similar fashion like the Tea Party does on their specific issues which will irk some of the centrist "establishment" democrats. I don't think we'll see something like this become a big movement in the first elections in 2016, but we'll begin to see some starting signs of it. Especially in the Democratic caucuses where we may very well see a Warren v. Clinton v. Biden scenario arise. From an independent's perspective, the future of the Democratic Party looks to repair itself from the Obama administration if they go the Hillary route. If the party rallies behind Biden, it's essentially asking for more of the same from this current administration, and if they go with Warren, they're going to appeal to the Far-Left and most likely alienate the base.
    10. Cipher
      Those Durants you ordered are ready. Friend code is 4914-4093-5513.

      I actually ended up getting a Shiny before I got a single Jolly one with the right stats. Regardless, I now have a whole mess of 5 IV Jolly ones with Truant. What stat do you want missing?
    11. Jb
      Thanks mate, I do what I can. ;)
    12. Jb
      Hehe thanks, I always seem to end up banned for some reason in the first half of the year. I'll be laying low for a while lol
    13. Cipher
      I figured. I've got 5 IV Carefuls ready, and was hitting the 4 and 5 IV mark on the Jollys last night. You should have one later today. I'm waiting for one to hatch just missing Special Attack, and after that happens you can have whatever the best leftovers are.

      You want a nickname? Antigone? Truantective? Antchilles?
    14. Cipher
      Just had the IV judge tell me I'd hatched one with perfect HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense and Speed. I was thrilled. Went to check its stats. "Ability: Hustle."

      Onto the next batch of eggs. : (
    15. Cipher
      My Everstone holder will be Careful for what I want to do with it, but I started with a 5IV Jolly (everything but HP), so either would be super easy to do. I'll have both ready. More anon.
    16. Cipher
      Jolly w/Scarf being the standard for singles (and an absolute Battle Maison breaker, if that's your thing).
    17. Cipher
      I'm still in the middle of the breeding process, so I don't have any decently natured 4 or 5 IV ones yet, aside from the one I started with.

      I should by the end of tomorrow or thereabouts though. I'll hold one for you. Do you want Jolly or something defensive? Could do either.
    18. Cipher
      Ah, those were salad days some time ago (the last time I was on a battling kick). I've since fallen, but I'm hoping this silly team can bring me back up.

      I would love your Thundurus if you're not using it. Do you want anything for it? I could give you another not-great legendary if you at least want something else to have on hand for trading/Pokedexing. Or some breeding leftovers.
    19. Cipher
      It's pretty great, this living thing.

      If you can count playing the Pokeymanz as living. (I swear this isn't all I'm doing; I'm just at home for a month before grad school starts and got on a huge kick for it.)
    20. Cipher
      You're still alive?
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    into that good night
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