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  • I was just looking at the closed post titled Skype?. "And the polls section are not a street corner in Vegas." You make me laugh.
    You know what else is funny? When I saw that debate, I could tell the moderation had not been turned on.

    Knowing how to use words without exact knowledge of their definition is something that I've talked with my mom about occasionally. It doesn't happen to me quite as often as reading a word or name that I want to use in conversation...yet don't really know how to pronounce. That's an almost inevitable result of reading more than I speak, and I consider it the most minor of side effects.
    Hey Profesco! Can I make a favorite members thread in the misc section or do you think it'll get out of hand?
    Really, the way the higher education system functions in general sucks. But at least you know the important parts of chemistry, then. Well, it's the more conceptual side, like organic chemistry, whereas general and analytical chemistry are more the precision part of it. Studying chemical systems to that extent is oftentimes useless, though, so it's better to understand concepts like polarization and charge, anyway. And that comic is brilliant; my cousin, who is a biochemistry professor and researcher at a major university, told me that exact same thing (well, from biology down, anyway). Yeah, those courses sound pretty dire. Computer sounds like something designed for the computer illiterate, and I've heard dire things about statistics in the past (supported by my own brushes with it so far).

    That's true, unless you want to hire out freelance statisticians to analyze your data. The bad thing about statistics, though, is that so much of it just seems like made-up numbers. You analyze all this data, and then come up with something like a t-value of 0.457, and hell if I know what that means. Associate's degree in the humanities, huh? I don't know a lot about them, but it sounds a tad... vague. Is that as specific as associate's degrees go, or is it more specific than I think? Oh, and you've got a boatload of time to worry about a doctorate if you're still going towards a bachelor's. You're planning way further ahead than most people, that's for sure. What sort of school are you going to now, if you don't mind my asking? And what's keeping you from deciding on a specific concentration? I was under the impression that you were set towards psychology (unless, of course, you're talking about a specific concentration within a psychology major).
    Don't worry, I know a dominatrix who specializes in just this sort of thing. You'll walk funny the next day, but it's well worth it, IMO

    I can't remember the last time I had to split a message. They should up the limit again (or I could practice more brevity, but that's unlikely).

    Let's see... for starters, you have to dissect a cat for the lab, which I think is a terrible, terrible thing. Then, you know how there's 206 bones in the human body? You have to memorize all of those, plus specific landmarks and structures on the bones (well, many of them, anyway... probably close to 500 nondescript and not-always-well-named bony structures in all). The origin and insertion points, as well as the function of ~70 muscles in the body. Also, the location and function of many of the larger nerves in the body. The cellular physiology of each of these anatomical groups. And then the muscles and nerves on cats, for the lab. All in the first of two (basic) A&P courses. Then, for me, the whole summer semester thing, and the professor, although I liked him, didn't pace it well at all (~70% of our grade was tested for in the last two weeks). Really, though, despite all this, it came down to me not studying at all (well, probably did, anywho), which usually works out, but didn't in this instance. Well, live and learn, as they say. Sorry I wrote so much.

    Still, I'd rather have to work to support myself than have to care for a family like you do, because at least then, my only obligation is to myself. Kudos to you, because I have to idea how you guys do it (usually the older parent-types working full-time and raising children in my classes are the most studious of the bunch, somehow). I agree with you that "lower-down" colleges are a Godsend for people who weren't born into money to spend an extra four years partying before deciding to "grow up" (granted, my school technically is a four-year state university, but it's community college-cheap and ridiculously non-traditional).
    Just so I don't screw up again, can you give me a precise definition of spam? Lots of times I've replied to spam without regarding it as spam, unfortunately.
    Second, gals, I'm afraid I'll have to request you not go very far off on a tangent in this thread. Veterans will know the dirty details, and I'll offer my sincere sympathy to those lost, but hear me out. We have a General Chat thread. There's nothing wrong with you using it for your general chatting needs. Feel free to color your musical posts here with casual commentary. I'm sorry if this still sits pretty unwell with some of you, but I only want to avoid the disaster of the last incarnation.
    Was this your idea?
    Profesco, would it be possible to move the "Overrated Pokemon" thread to Competitive discussion? Just reading through that thread is a headache due to the number of people not reading the first post and realising it's meant to be in the context of competitive battling! I have no idea why the OP didn't post it there either actually.

    I just thought it might be a good idea as there seem to have been some rather intense disagreements there. Thanks :)
    Thanks so much for closing this thread! It was basically the "let's accuse Darwin!" debate on the part of the OP.

    BTW, the phrase "OP" can mean "Opening Poster" or "Opening Post" depending on the context, right? I haven't seen enough to know, and feel slightly embarrassed that I've used the phrase several times and haven't asked someone what it meant sooner.
    Dear Profesco,

    I'm glad that you are glad that I'm alive. If this indeed does become boring we will stop. We can mix up a little. Maybe one day we will send each other messages using morse code. tap tap STOP tap tap tap tap tap STOP tap tap tap STOP.

    Your dear friend,
    I just noticed that the Polls subforum doesn't have a rules thread lol.
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