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  • I made a better PM in response to your last PM, so I would like you to read and respond.

    BTW, I like having civil debates without third party intervention, so feel free to respond with your opinion whether you agree or disagree.

    I will admit to be one of those people who obsess in wanting to be right, but in this circumstance, I don't mind debating it with you.
    I thought it was Centrolenidae, I control+f the page to see if I was correct.

    Basically, there are glass frogs that have visible internal organs through there translucent skin. I believe I saw one in Galveston.

    But it's great to know that there is a new ones in Peru.

    BTW, possible PM coming your way.
    Thanks mate. Yeah Haven't gone in years, and just won't to finally get my name off. Find silly thy won't to drag it out, but if they want to play hard ball I'll get it on the news for the 3rd 1/2 thing they've been on on the news for this year that's made them look silly.

    Hey, instead of turning Ash into stone, as Mega Mewtwo Y, couldn't he turn Ash into a cookie and eat him?
    When the Mega Mewtwo Y form got leaked, I made a joke saying that he should have mentioned Majin Serebii (complete with a poorly done MS Paint job since I have no photoshop). Unfortunately, he hasn't really watched DBZ.

    Sometimes, I get paranoid. I just don't want to give the wrong impression that I'm really trying to bother him into sleuthing information from him.
    Frogs were my thing from way back.

    BTW, do you know how social Serebii is? I know he's busy, but he doesn't seem to be a stick in the mud. I posted on his wall joking that I wanted him to spill some Smash Bros. information.

    I made sure that I said I was kidding. I've had some conversation with him; he seems okay.
    Oh, not at all. From what I have seen throughout my experience on Serebii you are a smart and respectful person. ;) At least you provide semi-logical reasons.
    Well, thanks for giving me a heads up, but unfortunately I really don't want to do an online debate, as it will probably end with infraction points for me. I can sometimes get too overheated about debates when I believe other people are being stupid about something.
    I was almost going to post in misc, then I saw your signature and got too sad and left... that smile :( I don't know if you had that kind of effect in mind when you put that there but it is certainly a thing!
    I heard you're in need of a pick me up - personally this works wonders for me, not sure how it'll affect you though. It'll probably make you more depressed :(
    Thanks. It's always comforting when there's someone who understands what you're going through, so I appreciate it.
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