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  • Maybe you should decide with an RNG or something similar. Also, you totally would train a Gliscor.

    And, well, Litwick in general is pretty much useless. It only gets good after it evolves. In terms of STABs it gets Shadow Ball and Flame Burst, the latter probably comes with the Litwick when you get it. Shadow Ball you should get around the Elite Four, and Hex is a suitable replacement until then.

    Well, I considered Conkeldurr for my team. But it's design provokes a feeling of intense apathy in me. Scrafty I just didn't feel like using. Meinshao appears absurdly late in the game, and Throh/Sawk are eh design-wise. I decided on Virizion after a short debate of Cobalion vs Virizion. Well, Krookodile suffers from Bad-STAB syndrome badly. The only things it gets until you get EQ VERY late in the game are Dig and Sand Tomb. And Dark always has and always will provide horrible coverage.
    Ooh. Like what?

    Given that it can one-shot almost anything in the game, I'd say it's almost a necessity for teams. Especially speed-runs. Shame it comes in around the 6th Gym.

    I've heard so many good things about Scraggy/Scrafty. Joltik I see a lot, but haven't heard anything about. Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile is pretty awesome when you first get it, but I feel it loses it's awesomeness as the game goes on.
    Yeah, if I ever see the guy who decided what DW ability to give Umbreon, he's going to get a size 11 shoe jammed high up his keister. We'll see if his ability prevents flinching. :mad:
    Lots of win right here, Umbreon got completly nerfed in the ability department this gen.

    But hey, Flareon still doesn't have Flare Blitz so we can be mad together lol.
    Since November, according to our VM history. I recall sending him a random PM to start a conversation, lol. x)

    How are you doing, anyway?
    I have to go to class now, but I'll give you my information when I get back. Hooray for Espeon, you just made my day a little brighter.
    I guess it's IRL problems that are keeping me from sleeping. As you said in a previous thread, *loud sigh*.

    And no, I haven't been able to get that Espeon. I keep on losing because 1) I suck and 2) It lags.
    Every time it lags I lose a life. :(
    I have school today and only slept 3 hours.

    I hate my random cases of insomnia.
    Just noticed my VM to you. Meant to say "killed or captured."

    Pretty sure no one fears Osama anymore (before death), but it's such great news to hear.

    Also, Chandelure is incredibly awesome as well. Chandelure and Sigilyph are the only two mons from my in-game team to remain in my post-game team.
    Is it a perma-ban?

    The only thing I'll miss is that he made debates amusing to read.
    Indeed. Sigilyph appears to be the pro-est thing to ever pro at pro-ing. I would document it's abilities at pro-ing further, but the top screen on my DS stopped working (after doing some freaky stuff to the colors; for a while my screen only displayed the color red, which looked pretty good, actually) so I am unable.
    Happiness now comes with audience participation ^_^ (unless of course you dislike this song...)
    Thanks, dude! Hope all's been well for you... and is still going well on here.... not that I'd really know, since I'm barely ever on anymore, haha.
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